Editor’s Pick II for October: Silka Skin Whitening Lotion SPF 23 Shea Butter

There are times when it's just so cold, and your skin turns so dry that it feels tight, and even itchy at a time. I have those moments, specially if I am over-staying in an airconditioned room, or when the weather's just turning colder. Now, the weather is truly turning colder with the typhoon, and the ber months approaching. As much as I want something really light on my skin, I'm afraid that it just won't do.


Silka expands its range of Skin Whitening Lotions with an interesting variant called Shea Butter. I was quite surprised for Silka to have this, because usually, the variants of the said brand would be papaya variants. I believe that they have expanded their line and included Shea Butter as part of the lineup, because of the intense moisturization that this ingredient offers. Shea butter soothes and moisturizes dry and irritated skin, and definitely softens the skin. Silka prides itself with having such an intensely moisturizing ingredient in a lightweight formula. So is this the case? We shall see! Well, true enough, at first application, I was expecting this to be really thick, and feeling like...well, butter! Well, it was not the case! It really felt refreshing and light on the skin, and it absorbed quite easily. The scent was somehow like caramel or like butter candy, and it was on the sweet side. Those who love sweet scents would appreciate this! What I love about the Silka Whitening Lotion in Shea Butter is that although it would load you up with moisture and yet it would feel so refreshing on the skin! This would truly be my holiday staple because I really need moisture on my skin! So, how about you? Have you tried this product already? I'd love to know what you think!

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