Editor’s Pick I for February: Modess Cottony Soft All Night (Pack 4s)


I must admit, that I'm a very, very insecure person. Well, I've had my personality sorted out, and my insecurities addressed, but not that of when I have my period. Because during that time, all my insecurities arise! Don't we all? Don't we find ourselves whispering to our friend to check our "back" as we pretend to walk innocently across the room, while waiting and expecting for our friend to say "none!" ? Don't we find ourselves being anxious, trying not to sit with full pressure on the chair because all fear arises when it's our period? Goodness, I so dislike it when I have my period! Just a trivia for you - did you know that in the first two days of your period, 70% of all the fluids come out? Modess Cottony Soft All Nights promises to reassure us and calm us down when we have our periods, as if to our rescue! Having an extended back leak guard, it offers complete back protection during the heaviest period days. It also has a 360 degree fit raise center, that is designed to absorb fluid fast from every direction. Odor neutralizers are also present here, to further calm us during our not so best days, and ThermoControl™ cover makes sure that we're safe and dry all throughout. I'm glad that there's Modess Cottony Soft All Nights. I've been using these for a while, for two main reasons. Personally, I adore Modess Cottony Soft All Nights because they're of maximum protection. It's the most secure pad I've ever seen that can cover from all angles, and is leak-proof because it covers everything! Second reason, is that it's just so comfortable to wear. It feels comfortable while I'm having my period, and having my period isn't actually a great experience - it's a once-a-month thing that I have to endure, and somehow, this product just makes it more bearable and less of a hassle to have. Modess Cottony Soft All Nights top in my list in terms of protection and comfort, and these are my frontrunners when I am confronted with the heaviest flow. Now, I can feel secure, fall asleep and have sweet dreams without fears of waking up with leaks. Haha! How about you? How do you find Modess Cottony Soft All Nights? Please do let us know by posting a review at Sampleroom.ph! http://www.sampleroom.ph/modess-cottony-soft-all-night-pack-4s

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