Editor’s Pick I for April: Belo Baby Colognes

Fresh, fresh, fresh. These three words are just screaming out of my heart with the hot weather! Don't you think that it's been extra warm lately? With the weather right now, I really want to stay as fresh as I can, and I can't even bring myself to wear any heavy fragrance, though I would still like to smell good. So ok, this brings me to one of my not-so-secrets. I actually love baby colognes. I feel that baby colognes smell so good! They remind me of babies. Babies just smell good all the time, don't you think? I just love them! So imagine my glee when Belo Baby just sent me three baby colognes to try! I was so excited to try them for my own, because of my personal agenda. Hahaha!  

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  Infused with a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes skin, and glycerin that acts as a moisturizing agent, the Belo Baby colognes have the Belo Baby Guarantee that these products are non-irritating and very gentle on the skin, and are perfect for babies. There are three scents of the Belo Baby colognes : Happy Tickle is a energizing fruity scent for the happiest of babies. It's a very uplifting scent. Cool Drizzle is a classic scent reminiscent of classic baby colognes that smells really fresh! and Sweet Snuggle has a really mild floral scent that keeps one smelling divine. Amongst the three, my favorite would have to be Cool Drizzle. It reminds me of the Spanish brand of baby cologne that I have been patronizing for years! I'm so glad I don't have to look for that brand anymore, as I've found my everyday fragrance yay! Thank you so much Belo Baby for creating wonderful scents for babies. And oh, did I mention that these can also function as hand sanitizing solutions? Oh wow, what a functional added treat! These new products from Sample Room surely brightened my day! I'm excited to know what you think about them!  

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