Editor’s Pick I for May: Shiseido IBUKI Quick Fix Mist and Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask



The weather has surely been testing my patience everyday, that I don't even feel like wearing makeup anymore! At the risk of complaining, it must be the hottest summer that I've ever experienced in any part of the world and of all time. But then, we all try to look at things on a better perspective, or else we'd have wrinkles early! Haha!

With this kind of heat, my makeup has been really just light, and not heavy. That is my choice. My skincare? Definitely not heavy specially during day! It's actually quite tricky to choose skincare products for summer, because you want them as light as possible, but of course, you still want your skin to be as hydrated as possible. You want your skin plump, soft and smooth, but you don't want to grease up.

Shiseido already made a great move by coming up with an IBUKI line that targets millenials, and its anti-aging positioning is quite strong, because this is all about prevention of collagen loss, and keeping skin young for people on the go. Shiseido has a new product from the IBUKI line called the Shiseido IBUKU Quick Fix Mist.


The Shiseido IBUKI Quick Fix Mist is a dewy, refreshing gel that sprays into mist form. Its purpose is to prevent shine, and improve skin conditions - making it hydrated, and keeping skin fresh all day.

For impressive ingredients, it has Marjoram extract that targets dehydration, and Anti-Shine Complex to make skin shine-free, fresh-looking skin all day. It also has PhytoTarget Complex, that keeps the skin's barrier strong, and prevents moisture from being lost from the skin as the day goes by.

Using this, I really appreciate the soothing, cooling feel. It also helps keep my makeup stay longer than usual. But more than that, I appreciate most the refreshing feeling it gives me, as it uplifts my mood on a hot summer day!

Bottomline - Shiseido IBUKI, your products are pretty much a HIT so far. No misses. This is a good addition!




Lately, I've been thinking about skin. Having good skin, that is. My stubborn skin is still oily up til now, that I'm in my early thirties. I don't feel good about it that at all, and I still dislike applying moisturizers to soften my skin up, and keep it younger. Of course, what happens is that my skin still looks so oily on the exterior, but is dry internally. It's not a good place. I really must apply moisturizer on my face, and I've been hoping that there's one miracle product that would make my skin feel really moisturized, specially at night, without causing my skin to break out and feel greasy.

Shiseido IBUKI just recently came out with their IBUKI Sleeping Mask. It's not a conventional mask in sheet, but it is a gel-type moisturizer that contains vitamin capsules. This is slathered on the face just before sleeping, and promises youthful, beautiful looking skin upon waking up. Yes, the term is well-rested even if you didn't have enough sleep.


Oh, you have no idea how that idea appealed to me!

So, taking a leap of faith, after cleansed skin, I applied a generous amount of the Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask on my face. The mini vitamin capsules disintegrated and released beneficial ingredients to my skin. At first, it felt somewhat sticky, but it became comfortable right after. I slept with it on, and boy, when I woke up, it was the best feeling ever.

It felt so good to wake up, and look at my skin! It looked so plump, radiant, soft, and smooth - as if I was a pampered princess and never had to work, and slept for 12 hours a day. I'm not kidding. It really gave my skin that rewind! Spoiled it rotten. I have also noticed how soft it felt during the day, and how my skin was less oily, because it was hydrated all night long.

So now, who's addicted? Definitely me. I am using the Shiseido IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask thrice a week, just because I love seeing my skin look better every single day, and I just can't believe that I only need to sleep with this on to make me look like I'm Sleeping Beauty! Yay!

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