Editor’s Pick II for May: Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk

I'm in denial. I love my tan so much. I don't want for summer to ever end. But really, there is always an ending for everything, and it doesn't have to end badly, with my tan! Of course, as the weather gets colder ( it has been drizzling as of late ), it's not that my tan won't be in season anymore, it's just that tanned skin, when not exfoliated well, turns out very dull, and muddy looking. It needs a good scrub because it loses its once beautiful lustre from being baked fresh from the sun because of dead skin cell buildup. And now, I don't really feel like radically whitening or using anything so intense for my skin. To my surprise, Olay came up with their whitening bars - how timely!  

Editors Pick

  As I was able to try the Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose & Milk, I found their hashtag #OneWashWonder catchy. It is formulated with a Triple Whitening System that will help reveal our natural white all over, gently exfoliate the skin and wash away dead skin cells, and even out the skin tone. Wow, sounds good. I picked up this bar hoping for a gentle, exfoliating, skin brightening experience. Oh, how I loved the scent - it's such a clean, soapy floral that's not overpowering. It felt so gentle on the skin - I felt no sting, and also felt very moisturizing - the milk component was just so soothing to my skin! I showered with perhaps one of the most gentle soaps I've ever used in my entire life. And it just smells divine. As for the whitening aspect, I'd rather say that it gives a hint of a glow on the skin as soon as I step out of the shower. Perhaps my skin would get brighter towards a few more uses, but hey, I'm sold with this! It's not everyday that I encounter a whitening soap that's so gentle and feeling wonderful on the skin! Looks like I have a new favorite!

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