Editor’s Pick III for May: Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream

Zenutrients always comes up with products that really fill the gap in consumer demand, specially those who are looking for something mild and gentle on the skin.

The new Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is something new from Zenutrients that is a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Formulated with coconut, aloe and calendula extract, this product is heaven-sent for sensitive skin - and can be used for mild cases of psoriasis, skin asthma, and eczema.


The first thing I noticed about the Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is the scent. The fragrance is very mild and natural, and really soothing. I'm starting to like this now. The texture of the cream is a light cream, and as it is applied to the skin, I can't help but feel that it is softening to the skin. It softens the skin instantly, and it feels so comfortable on the skin as it is not greasy at all. It has the perfect balance of being light to the skin, and delivering the much needed moisture that the skin needs. Angry, irritated, and stressed skin will find relief in this. I know, my skin felt the relief the moment I applied it. This makes a great emergency cream for irritations and rashes, and I can also recommend this for babies!

Overall, this is a great cream not only for the face, but for the body, as it delivers moisture, makes skin really soft, and soothes the skin when needed! I'm so happy to have tried it from

Hope you're happy with your samples, too!

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