Editor’s Pick IV for May: Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Face and Body Powder

Gluta-C, already as effective as it is, has boosted its product line to be able to deliver 4x skin whitening benefits to the skin, adding up the ingredient Kojic Plus! During these times, whitening is not only something that is highly considered by many, but also even, glowing skin! For me, I'm after the latter benefit! Gluta-C has a very interesting new product that they have just launched, and that is the Face and Body Powder. It promises 4x whitening, oil-control and anti-acne, a matte finish, and sun protection. That's quite a benefit-packed product you got here, alright!


The Gluta-C with Kojic Plus Whitening System Face and Body Powder looks like your regular baby powder, but it isn't. The texture is finer, it feels lighter, and it imparts a good glow on the skin upon application. This can be used as a body powder to keep one fresh during the day ( the scent is quite mild and clean! ), and for the face, it can be used as a loose powder to prevent oilies! An added bonus is the sun protection it provides, though it still doesn't hurt to wear more sunblock before applying this! I really love bringing this with me wherever I go, because with the humid weather that we are in, it just feels great to freshen up. A great plus is that it gives my skin a natural glow ( nothing too shimmery! ). For the face, it really is a great makeshift loose powder that can mattify the skin all day long. This is a really great multi-function product that would really save you, when needed! As for the whitening promises, I believe that as you use the Gluta-C Kojic Plus soap and the whitening lotion, these three will all work hand in hand to give you fairer, and a more even-toned skin. This product is a great add-on to further boost the whitening effects on the skin. Overall, this is a great product that I don't see everyday anymore, that I am appreciating as of the moment!

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