Red days? No problem!

There comes a time in a month where our hormones are all out of place, we crave food for no reason at any given time and have sneezes that trigger a bloody rainfall… yep. Say hello to Mrs. Period and Mr. Cramps, the monthly “blissful” reminders of being a woman.
But our ordeal doesn’t have to be this hard. We’ve lined up a few tips for you roommates to help you breeze your way to your red days:
1.     Be prepared 
Don’t get caught with a bloody surprise! You can keep track of your period with the old school “calendar method” or you could download period tracking apps that are available for free.
2.     Move around Having your period doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato all week long! You can do some stretching and light exercises to keep your endorphins (happy hormones) going.
3.     Eat the good stuff 
Avoid caffeine and salty foods in your red days if possible. These type of foods aid in water retention that gives you that bloated, crampy feeling. Yes, yes, you crave for a can of diet coke and a bar of milk chocolate but your abdomen will thank you if you feed it with the nutritious food it needs.
4.     Befriend a hot compress
Hot compress is our savior for the painful, red days. It helps with the cramps and soothes the sharp pain in the lower abdomen.
5.     Worry-free protection
Do you know what’s even more annoying than our period? It’s a definitive, red proof that we are in our period! Eeeek!Pads, tampons, diva cups, period panties… you name it! The list of our period arsenal keeps innovating each year. But if you’re more of a pad girl like me, use comfy pads that will keep your period stay in place and also give you a fresh feeling without the smell.
Whisper Item
The Whisper Skin Love is the thinnest and comfiest pad from Whisper. But don't be fooled by its ultra slim look as it has a magic gel that absorbs 40x its weight! No more back leaks even on the heaviest of your red days! 

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