#SampleRoomSpotlight: Roommates share their skincare routines!

SR-Spotlight Sticking to a skincare routine requires serious dedication, effort and investment on our end. We search for reviews, read those said reviews, watch vloggers share their routines online, road-test different products and hope for the best. If it didn't pan out the way we wanted it to be, we search, read, watch and try again! It's a continuous cycle until we fall down on our knees and worship our newly-found Holy Grail items and our fool-proof skincare routines. Yaassss! Because of our intrinsic love affair with skin care, we decided to ask some of our lovely roommates to share their skincare routines with us in our first #SampleRoomSpotlight! Who knows, maybe peeking in into our roommates' routines can also give us a lightbulb moment for the routines of our own! chin lilibeth SEN meryl Want to be featured next? Just use the hashtag #SampleRoomSpotlight on your posts so our "Roommate Radar" can catch you! And for your skin care needs, we have a curated "Skincare Squad" for you this month of September! Enjoy products from Pond's, Lux, Silka and Cream Silk! Get yours now at our products page here.    

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