Editor’s Pick I for October: Shades Cream Hair Dye Kit

shadesed1 We've seen it in movies and teleseryes, the iconic "Basha is moving on" scenes where women change-up their manes as they sashay a new look into the world of dating again. Being a supportive fan of Bea (yasss), I too decided to chop off my hair mid-length early this year as a result of a post-break-up vexation and bleached my hair to achieve dazzling colors of blue, green, blonde and gray. I went back to black when I realized how dry my hair was after the chemicals worked its coloring magic on it. Realizing how brittle my hair became after several coloring sessions, I opted to stay away from DIY hair color kits for the meantime. I may not have dated anyone else after that deemed initiation to singleness, but my hair is boring me up again so I decided to go DIY and color my locks. As I was searching for a safer and less painful way of dyeing my hair (yes roommates, some hair dyes really sting a lot!), Shades, the newest kid in the Splash Corporation family, suddenly arrived in the Sample Room turf. It is introducing a new solution to getting non-damaging, full coverage, long-lasting hair color. According to them, this has a #SureAndSafe formula that is free from harmful Parabens and Heavy Metals to color both virgin and dyed hair with complete care at an affordable price. Talk about a really weird and awesome coincidence! With a lot of guts and hope for this brand, I went home with a box of Burgundy shade and hoped for the best. shadesed2   The start of the coloring process.... When I opened the box, I was looking for an extra sachet of hair treatment as what the other hair color kits also have. Apparently, Shades has Built-In Conditioning Actives to give my hair the moisture it needs during the entire hair coloring process. It harnessed the power of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that effectively penetrates the hair cortex allowing my strands to absorb more moisture and improve my hair’s volume and smoothness. It streamlined the hair coloring game by combining all products into one! I'm also glad that they also added plastic gloves as a little extra. Not all DIY-ers have this on-hand, ya know! After improvising my own tools and scoring the help of my sister, I plunged in into the world of hair coloring again. What I like about this particular brand was it didn't sting. It's a big plus since most of the DIY hair kits I tried left me agonizing in pain throughout the colorful ordeal. I left the color cream on for more than 30 minutes and it didn't give me any discomfort as what I would've expected. I rinsed the color off after sitting through a full movie of Fantastic Four and I'm quite amazed that it did not feel really dry or brittle at all. In fact, it felt like I just put on conditioner on my hair. shades3 The waiting game... shades4   Minutes after washing the color treatment off. I waited until the next day to see the full effect of the color on my hair and it was more than I expected it to be. For 120 php, this hair color kit is such a steal! It's vibrant, as it claims to be, especially outdoors. Even under fluorescent lights, the color is really noticeable on my hair. I'm glad I tried this and will explore more colors from this line in the future, even when I’m not dealing with any post-break-up bitterness.

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