Editor’s Pick II for October: Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion with Avocado Oil

DSC09986_edit It's no secret that I have a great love for Silka products. I'm the biggest fan of the papaya body washes of Silka, and even so, their lotions. My favorite would have to be the orange papaya variant. So really, it's hard to steer me away from that variant. Now, I was challenged to try the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion in Avocado Oil. It claims deep hydration, whitens as early as seven days, and has SPF23. I'm now confused. All the benefits truly got my attention. What to put first, what to put first? Help me? Ok, it's so great that it whitens in seven days. I always like bright, healthy looking skin, no question about that. And healthy skin really brings forth glowing skin. SPF 23 is a huge plus for me because it will not cause skin darkening, and therefore, keep my skin younger for more than a little while. I'm rejoicing right now. Which boils me down to the last, but the vital benefit that I am after - hydration. Yes, even if you have fair skin, and even if your skin is well protected from the sun, if your skin is not hydrated, it will never look young, supple, and fresh. That's what I'm after! Using the Silka Premium Moisturizing Milk Lotion in Avocado Oil has given me the delight to the sense, primarily, by its scent. Thinking through and through how avocado would be translated into fragrance, I got a pleasant fresh fruity scent from it, that I don't mind using. It's not heavy, but it lingers, lingers on your skin that your friend would think that you're always just fresh from the shower if he/she's beside you! It's a good one. The absorption powers of this lotion are amazing - it is the non-stickiest lotion I've ever tried, and yet it feels so soft and smooth on the skin. With regular use, the skin will look and feel amazing in no time. Again, I'm so happy that Silka exists. Great products, great scents, let this brand exist til my grandchildren and even further more!

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