Editor’s Pick III for October: Silka Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil

silka_soap Ahh, the avocado, one of the most respected fruits by dieticians, fashion and fitness bloggers and beauty YouTubers. Avocado toasts and shakes float around influencers' IG feeds and for a couple of good reasons: it helps improve cardiovascular health, promote good digestion, maintain healthy skin and helps you to lose weight! Beauty-wise, the flesh of the fruit can be used as a face mask and cold-pressed avocado oils can bring a lot of moisturizing and anti-aging benefits to the table. Use it on your face or body and you're surely wake up the next day with skin as soft and smooth as a baby's butt. With this fact on hand, it's a good thing that Silka Skincare harnessed the precious avocado oil into their Premium Moisturizing Line with Avocado Oil. Luckily, Sample Room was able to provide us and our roommates samples from this line so we can try the power of avocado oil at an affordable price for ourselves! I was able to try the Silka Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil and boy, it smells so D-I-V-I-N-E! It's the luscious combination of sweet citrus with hints of floral notes in between, if that makes sense. Right out the box, you can already whiff the precious scent of this soap. As I browsed through the ingredients (yes, I check the ingredients list of my products), it's cool to know that it's also infused with almond milk and enriched with Vitamin E for a softer and healthier looking skin. As I used the soap, I noticed how it lathers really well and how the scent lingered for a couple of hours after I finished taking a bath. It left my skin feeling squeaky clean but not too stripped of moisture as what anti-bacterial soaps do. My skin felt smooth and soft after and I immediately slathered the accompanying lotion for everything to set in. I just love how fragrant my skin was after using this line! After a few days of use, I noticed it made my skin look brighter. Not really a couple of shades fairer but my skin looked healthier and more radiant. I'm not really aiming for a whiter skin so I'm already sold on this part. I also noticed how my skin doesn't feel sticky under the sunny afternoons in Metro Manila, granted if I'm not out under the heat for more than an hour. All in all, if you're looking for an affordable solution to a more healthy-looking, moisturized and fragrant skin, I highly suggest you check out and try the Silka Premium Moisturizing Soap and Lotion with Avocado Oil. You'll be surprised to know what avocado oil can do for your skin.

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