Shades Cream Hair Dye (Burgundy)

Burgandy Shades® Cream Hair Dye promises new hair color in 30 minutes! DIY Hair Coloring Cream Kit that provides full coverage, permanent color in just 30 minutes! Splash’s entrant in the mid-range DIY Hair Color segment, priced between premium and lower end hair dye brands.   - Sure long-lasting, vibrant color - Safe and free from hair-damaging chemicals* - Infused with Built-In Conditioning Actives for healthy hair color   Your Shades® Cream Hair Dye kit contains: - 50g Creame Colorant Tube - 50 mL Cream Developer Bottle - Shades Protective Gloves - Instruction Leaflet   *For long hair, use of two boxes is advised for full color coverage.   As for coloring tips on already colored hair (Previously color treated hair whose roots are growing out, and ends may have already faded to a lighter color): 1.       Apply color mixture only to the roots or the area of virgin hair. 2.       Leave color on virgin area for 30 minutes. 3.       Apply the remaining mixture to the rest of the hair, constantly lifting from the scalp to promote air circulation and to evenly spread the color on hair. Leave on color for another 10 minutes but not longer. 4.       Rinse off hair  as with previous instruction. FULL SIZE: 1 Box of Shades® Cream Hair Dye kit PRICE: 120 PHP AVAILABLE AT: GMA
Ever Department Store Commonwealth
Ever Supermarket
Liana’s Supermarket
Isetann Department Store
Isetann Supermarket
South Supermarket
North / South Luzon
LCC Supermarket
Gaisano Brothers
Injap Supermart
Gaisano Mall
Gaisano Main
Ororama Supercenter CDO
  SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: www.facebook.com/shadescreamhairdye   Grab yours now at Sample Room!

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