JOHNSON’S® Milk+Oats™ baby bath

sr_JJ001 According to a study conducted by doctors, 60% of toddlers have dry or damaged skin – even if skin looks healthy. Regular Bar Soaps can make this worse. They sometimes damage skin making it more prone to dryness, scratches, damage, and even infection or irritation.

The new Milk+Oats™, endorsed by Supermom Marian-Rivera Dantes, can help restore even dry & damaged skin! Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in Milk, the bath and lotion products completely nourish skin so it is baby soft, smooth, and healthy. Now with Restoring Oats, it can even help bring back the feeling of healthy skin for those with dry, damaged, or sensitive skin. The wash infuses nutrients and moisture into the deep layer of skin. FULL SIZES: 200 mL / 600 mL Refill / 1000mL PRICE: PHP 100.75 / PHP 221. 50 / PHP 412.50 AVAILABLE AT: JOHNSON’S® is available in all leading stores nationwide. SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram: Website: Grab yours now at Sample Room!  

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