#SampleRoomTips: Top 8 Care Tips for Having Healthy Skin

In the Philippines, the best BB cream reviews always mention how it’s always important to keep your skin well-hydrated and cared for through the use of a combination of products and lifestyle choices. And while it is the largest organ on our body, caring for it is never an exercise in patience because it is a very easy task. That said, here are our top 8 care tips for having healthy skin: Use natural skin products Use natural skin products Of course, no skin beauty routine would be complete without the use of lotions and creams. Pick those that match your needs and do your best to stick to a routine every day to ensure that whatever products you’ve chosen will work well. When you can, pick natural or organic products as they tend to be less harsh than its synthesized counterparts. Remember that despite the fact that our skin is the front line when it comes to our bodily defences, it’s not invincible – constantly exposing it to potentially damaging products will eventually wear it down. Check out our latest samples from Zenutrients to give you a briefer on using natural skincare products. Exercise nature’s basic detox Exercise: nature’s basic detox It may not seem like exercising would have a direct effect on your skin, but the truth is it actually plays a large part in keeping it fresh! Not only does it boost blood circulation, keeping your skin supplemented, but it will also cause you to sweat out whatever toxins you may have built up on it over time. This makes your skin firmer, clearer, and less prone to develop mishaps. The best part about it is that it affects your whole body automatically, too. It’s a great all-natural way to stay healthy both inside and out! Sleep well Sleep well Barbara Reed, a dermatology clinical professor in the University of Colorado, states that when our bodies are sleep deprived it becomes stressed, which then catalyses it to release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. They in turn can trigger skin issues such as pimple breakouts and the like. Sleep itself is also important because a majority of our bodily restorative processes happen during this time – that includes skin repair and rejuvenation. Relieve stress (1) Relieve stress Stress is not only bad for your mind, but for your skin as well. But, good news! Its capacity to compromise your skin’s health can be offset by relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, or naps. It’s not all physical though – having a journal, writing a blog, or even talking to your friends about your life can also have a profound impact on your stress levels. Make sure to do these every now and then! Have indoor plants Have indoor plants How much more natural with this can you get? Now, a lot of people spend most of their time indoors which is not in itself a bad thing. However, little do most realize that the air inside their homes and offices can be just as polluted as the outdoors. That said, consider having indoor plants not just for aesthetic purposes but also for practical ones too – they’ll filter the surrounding air naturally and ensure that you’re always surrounded by fresh air. Those who can’t have indoor flora can opt to use air purifiers instead. Wear sunscreen all the time (1) Wear sunscreen all the time Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D is always a good thing – just make sure that you don’t overexpose yourself too much. Allow yourself only an ample amount of sunlight and take care not to get burned. But, if you’re one of the people who need to stay outdoors constantly, then wear sunscreen. We can’t stress this enough. It will keep your skin healthy despite exposure to the outdoors. Supplant your sunscreen use with umbrellas, hats, and long clothing too. Consume antioxidants Consume antioxidants Consuming antioxidants is beneficial for your body. They will not only help fight numerous diseases, but it will also reduce skin damage and inflammation. The best sources of antioxidants are: green tea, dark chocolate, spinach, purple grapes, and blueberries. Tasty, natural, and healthy – the complete package! Drink water Drink water Dehydration is a real issue for those who don’t prioritize their water intake. That said, always drink 8 to 10 glasses of it a day and try to keep away from arid environments. Doing so will keep your skin from looking loose, becoming saggy, turning dull, and getting flaky. It’s one of the best ways to maintain one’s skin, and luckily enough, it’s also the easiest. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

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