6 Tips for Having Good Hair Days

cover There’s an old saying that goes ‘a woman’s hair is her crowning glory’. While not true for all, the saying does have merit, as hair is one of the first things we see in people aside from their eyes. As such, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that our hair looks presentable every day. However, as every girl would know, sometimes bad hair days simply can’t be helped. Whether it’s the weather outside, the activities that have to be taken part in, or just your locks feeling uncooperative, some days truly are better than others. But no more! By following the steps below, you’re likely to minimize those bad days to pa point where they’re practically gone. Check out our tips on how to keep hair nice and healthy: use cool water Use Cool Water Washing your hair with hot water may feel luxurious, especially during these chilly December days, but in in the end it may not be doing your locks any favors as heat tends to remove your hair’s natural volume, leaving it limp and lifeless all throughout the day. It can also cause serious frizzing. Avoid this by washing only with cold water and using only the best-reviewed conditioners in Manila that’s tailored to your hair type, whether it’s dry, straight, damaged, etc. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Right   Photo by Takashi Ota on Flickr Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Right Building on the previous point: aside from using the proper conditioner, couple it with a proper shampoo as well. There’s no use in using a shampoo that does not address your needs. Also consider that when washing your hair, you should never douse your hair in too much shampoo; concentrate on applying it on your scalp instead then spread it out from there. Remember, your goal is to get clean while allowing your chosen hair product to work its magic, so don’t overdo the whole process. Use only what’s needed, apply it, keep it on for a while – about a couple minutes is enough – then rinse thoroughly. You’ll feel the difference instantly! Side note: When applying conditioner, begin from the mid-shaft of your locks then work your way to the tips first. That’ll help immensely with the dryness and the split ends. Limit Sun Exposure Limit Sun Exposure Your hair needs to be protected from the sun just as much as your skin does. Avoid extensive sun exposure to your hair by simply using an umbrella or by wearing a hat. If you plan to go to the beach, make sure you apply a large amount of heat protectant with SPF that will ensure your hair to remain healthy under the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s that easy. Moisturize When You Can Moisturize When You Can Riawna Capri, hair guru, explains that your scalp must remain healthy for it to produce beautiful hair. She states it needs to be moisturized even after you apply conditioner; perhaps try leave-in conditioners which are now gaining more and more popularity for their convenience in providing you hair moisture, split end reduction, and minimizing frizz. Clean Hair Clean Hair Having clean hair plays a major part in having good hair days. Make sure you do not skip out on hair products like shampoo and conditioner just because of a new hair trend (like the no-shampoo movement). Choose high quality products that are meant to give you a nice, clean, and shiny look. Determine how often you should wash your hair by reading this article. Avoid Heat Styling Avoid Heat Styling Hot tools such as hot rollers, flat irons, wands, curling irons, and blow dryers should be avoided as much as possible. Initially they can give you great hair, but you have to realize that they can cause almost irreparable damage to your locks especially when you use it regularly. If you must use them during special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, make sure you apply spray-in heat protectants on your hair first so it can have proper protection from the heat. So, after reading all that, have you gotten the secret to having good hair days every day? It’s quite simple: if you have healthy hair, then you’ll have a healthy look. Try it today! - To ace your hair game, check out the free samples we have in store for you on our site!

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