Editor’s Pick II for January 2017: Browhaus Lash in Bloom 2.0 (Eyelash Extensions)

IMG_2076 Browsing through Instagram, I am faced with bloggers and influencers alike who look amazing with natural makeup and looks like they're awake and fresh the whole day. I've been eyeing that look as well, only my eyelashes are sparse and completely lacking in the volume department.My eyelashes are short and straight, making it nearly invisible. I tried all recommended mascaras out there but my eyelashes tend to reject the black formula because at the middle of the day, it gets too clumpy and the curl doesn't last until the end of my shift. Frustrated, I researched and browsed online different treatments that can help me with my problem (semi)permanently. After a few clicks here and there, I stumbled upon Browhaus' Lash in Bloom 2.0 (Eyelash Extensions) treatment but at that time, have no budget for the said treatment so I just shrugged it off and closed my laptop. Surprisingly, last January, Sample Room partnered with Browhaus much to my surprise! With this partnership, they gave away full-service gift certificates to Browhaus salons, and we were blessed to have tried FREE full services of  Browhaus Lash in Bloom 2.0 (Eyelash Extensions). Can you imagine how excited and giddy I was after reading the social media posts? Hihi. For those newbies in the eyelash extension game like me, here's a little rundown of the treatment that the partnership offered: the Browhaus Lash in Bloom 2.0 (Eyelash Extensions) is an eyelash extension technique which is claimed to be the fastest in the industry. In just 45 minutes, imported and premium lashes are custom fit to your individual eye shape needs, giving you the fullest and most durable lashes.As I'm really geared up to face 2017 with a new and full-looking set of lashes on, I booked an appointment at the Browhaus SM Megamall branch located on the 5th floor, Mega Fashion Hall.Before the procedure, I was asked to fill out a personal information sheet as I was a new customer to their salon, and a consent form to make sure that I don’t have any medical complications that could possibly interfere with the procedure. Because a session of Lash in Bloom 2.0 usually takes an hour, the attending lady kindly told me that I might want to go to the bathroom first before the session. I did not hesitate to make a quick trip to the bathroom first.When I came back, I was asked to lie down on a reclining chair and the attending lady covered me with a warm black cloth. IMG_2025 Part of the attendants’ protocol is to ask the customer if he/she is wearing contact lenses or if he/she has any allergies. This is to make sure that the procedure will not cause any aggravation. IMG_2026 After making sure that I had no allergies or wearing any lenses, I was given two options for my lash extensions: the “natural-look” and the “cat-eye look.” As the name itself suggests, the “natural-look” will give you natural-looking lashes but accentuated and more defined. The “cat-eye look,” on the other hand, will give you a fanned-out lash effect. Meaning, the lashes to be placed in the inner corner of your eyes are shorter, then it gets longer towards the outer corner of your eye. As I couldn't pick what better suits my eyes and face, the attending lady asked me if I tend to wear glasses. When I said yes, she suggested that I get the “natural-look” instead. The lady explained that because of the fanning out effect of the “cat-eye” look, it might prod against my glasses. This explanation is enough to make me agree so I chose the “natural-look.” The lady began the session by placing a two, long, rectangular-shaped stickers on top of each other underneath my eyes. This is done to protect my bottom lashes from the procedure. IMG_2148 After sanitizing her hands and tools, the attending lady placed a circular silicon on my forehead. It served as the container for the eyelash extensions. sanitizerFullSizeRender The circular stone in which the lash glue was placed is a real white jade according to the attendant. Each lash strand is carefully dipped and swiped in the glue before it is applied to the original lashes, making sure there is not a sparse area left on each eye. IMG_2038 Once each eye is filled with ample lashes, the lashes will be aired out with a small fan for the glue to dry. IMG_2077 Once the glue is dry, it is finished. Voila! I woke up to a natural-looking, voluminous lashes! Now I can confidently say, “I woke up like this” every single day. IMG_2091 Before the lady let me go, she gave me a list of the Lash in Bloom 2.0 after-care tips: 1.    Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours 2.    Avoid hot steam for the first 48 hours 3.    Avoid directly splashing water onto the face 4.    Avoid using mascara and eyelash curler 5.    Avoid heat exposure as too much heat exposure can weaken the lash bond 6.    Do not rub your eyes 7.    Do not force remove the lashes, it will eventually fall off on its own 8.    Only use water-based products on or near your lashes 9.    Use a facial towel in cleansing the skin around the eyes Fast forward to three days, I super love and still love the eyelash extensions I had at Browhaus. It's still full, complete and it matches my everyday look. With this, I end up feeling glamorous every day and super satisfied with my new voluminous-looking lashes. Even my officemates noticed the difference! It's really worth the effort, time, and experience! before_after_brow Watch my Browhaus Lash in Bloom 2.0 (Eyelash Extensions) experience below:

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