Editor’s Pick I for February: Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers


Growing up, I'm pretty sure I've come in contact with different bacteria and viruses (we all have) and my mom would always remind me to wash my hands before and after eating and whenever I touched something unsanitary or dirty. But the lazy, young me would steer away from our kitchen sink and just wipe the dirt and grime off to my clothes or to my other body parts. Gross, right? When I reached high school, I always saw my classmates with alcohol within their reach or alcogels that sting the skin. I never had any of those in my vanity kit since I find that these portable antibacterial solutions strip my already-dry hands of moisture. I think it was when I was in college when these fruity, alcogels with microbeads in it got popular. Every school bag has at least one of these babies hanging on a keychain. It reintroduced me to the world of portable sanitation but I never got religious with it since it still dries my skin afterward. I guess I'm just not into hand sanitizers in gel form after all. Fast forward to today and I got to try Belo Baby's hand sanitizers from Sample Room in three sweet-smelling scents: Green Apple, Peach, and Blueberry. To be honest, the Green Apple scent is my favorite among the three. Since the solution is watery and in a spray form, I find it more economical compared to the alcogels I've used before. The scent stays for a good few minutes to an hour or so which never really bothered me since I don't really sniff my hands every now and then. Now on to the best part, the reason why I love these hand sanitizers from Belo Baby is the fact that it didn't sting and never left my hands dry! Upon further research, I realized that Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers are crafted to be 100% safe and gentle! It is also carefully formulated without the harmful ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, chlorine, formaldehyde, and other common allergens. Maybe this is the reason why my skin loves this so much! All in all, I really adore these hand sanitizers from Belo Baby. It's sweet-smelling, keeps my hands free from germs and bacteria without the irritation and dry skin. I will definitely have one these in each of my bags handy and ready to spritz!

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