The Benefits of Skin Exfoliation
Monday, 13 February 2017



Here in the Philippines, the best reviewed lip balms, creams, and moisturizers are those that are truly effective in exfoliating one’s skin. That makes sense, seeing as we live in a tropical country where the sun has a constant presence and warm days are the norm.
But what is exfoliation exactly, and why is it so important for us to do it often?

Understanding our skin

Understanding our skin

Over the course of our lives, our skin starts to dry out, eventually turning into dead skin cells on the surface of our body. Even though it’s naturally forming, it’s important that we don’t leave them there for long periods of time as it could possibly cause itching, acne, and sometimes, even breakouts. That’s where exfoliation comes in.
By performing either physical or chemical exfoliation, we can rid our body of its excess dead skin, thus allowing its younger, fresher skin to flourish freely.

Chemical vs. Physical exfoliation

Chemical vs. Physical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation occurs when one uses any sort of chemical compound by applying it on their face, leaving it there, and allowing it to do the work for them. On the other hand, physical exfoliation happens when one takes a bath, scrubs, showers, etc; any skin-cleansing technique that requires physical effort falls under this category.

Which one should I pick?

Both have their own sets of pros and cons. For one, chemical exfoliation can bring faster results but it may only be for the short term. That’s because it in of itself has a tendency to dry skin out too, needing to be used over and over to be effective for a long time. On the other hand, physical exfoliation can take days or weeks for the effect to become visible. The good thing about it though is that all the effects you gain from it are permanent.

What are the benefits of exfoliation?

By keeping one’s skin healthy and hydrated, the effects of natural wear and tear are minimized. Symptoms like wrinkles, rough skin, dryness, clogged pores, red marks, and even hyperpigmentation are less likely to appear. Moreover, it also helps in giving one a youthful appearance.
With this one step, you can keep your skin in tip-top shape all day, every day!

Takeaway tips and tricks

Takeaway tips and tricks:

– You don’t have to avoid the sun completely. In fact, a bit of exposure can still be good for your skin due to the Vitamin D you’ll get.
– When performing physical exfoliation, try your best not to scrub on your skin too hard. Doing so will rid it of its protective outer layer and cause it more damage than good.
– Take care not to go overboard with chemical exfoliation as it could heighten your issues as opposed to get rid of them. Remember: the chemicals you use will still dry your skin out, so make sure to do it only when it’s needed! If you can, go organic.
– There are a lot of organic recipes out there that can help you exfoliate your skin without the need for synthetic chemicals. Oftentimes it includes ingredients like aloe vera, milk, honey, shea or coconut butter, and avocado.
– Keep your skin clean at all times. This will reduce the need for constant exfoliation. You can do this by covering as much as you can with your clothes or by avoiding places with a lot of dust.

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