Roommate of the Month for January 2017: Deza Derder


Introducing, the 29 year-old Beauty Blogger and Payroll Company Trainer, Deza Derder, our Roommate of the Month for January 2017!


When life gets tough, sometimes we pause, take a step back, and look for something to channel our feelings. This is how Deza began her blogging career.

It was during a rough time when Deza, on a whim, started sharing her thoughts on selected beauty products online as a way to relax.  Little did she know she’ll receive a lot of love and support from netizens, and eventually make a career out of it. Deza shared her story, “I was going through a lot of things and I needed an outlet to destress so I went back to writing… I just picked up a few products from the beauty section, tested them, and shared my thoughts via wordpress. I was overwhelmed by the support I received from my 1st few blogs and so I kept doing it.” Fast forward to today, she now has her own website where she posts all her reviews and insights on all things beauty. She looks up to fellow bloggers, Nikki Tiu and Teni Panosion (a.k.a MissMaven) for some blogging inspiration.

When asked for some advise she can give to her fellow roommates who are aspiring to become beauty bloggers, this was her give away: “If you love blogging, don’t let anyone stop you… Stay true no matter what, and take care of your name. Your blog represents you.”


Deza knows how to keep her skin pampered. In taking care of her combination skin, she starts off by using a makeup remover to get rid of facial dirt, or as how she puts it, “products that are alien to her face.” Afterwards, she makes sure her face is thoroughly cleansed using a good foamy facial wash and a toner. To others, it ends on that and it results to dry and patchy facial skin. But for Deza, the last step entails applying a moisturizer to replenish the lost moisture on her skin, “I wrap my routine with a hydrating moisturizer. Twice or thrice a week, I throw in a face mask in the routine.”

When it comes to Deza’s makeup routine, she likes to start things simple. For her base, a good primer and a good bb cream would do. But for her finishing touches, things get a little more sassy. As Deza said, “I give my face a little warmth using a matte bronzer, add some highlighter because life is boring and dull without it, then I swipe a layer or two of my fave bold lipstick.” And if there’s one make up step she can’t make an exception with, it would be grooming her eyebrows. “I definitely don’t leave the house without my brows!,” Deza emphasized.


Deza vaguely remembers her first encounter with Sample Room, but she tells us that she is 99.9% sure that Sample Room partner blogger, Phoebe Ramos, “super kaduper” influenced her. How? Well, aside from being a fellow beauty blogger, she happens to be her former workmate, too! What a small world indeed. “I look up to her at work and it amazed me more when I found out that she blogs too. It makes you wonder how someone as busy as her manages her time well,” Deza states. True enough, if someone is as inspiring as that, it’s inevitable to follow his/her example!

If you ever wonder what’s inside beauty blogger Deza’s beauty bag, she revealed with pride that they are mostly samples she got from Sample Room. Deza declares, “most of the products in my skin care bag are there because of Sample Room. I practically check Sample Room whenever I hear about a new product launch. If the item is available, then I add it to my cart without batting an eyelash!” One of her best product finds is Zenutrients. Deza excitingly shared with us her fondness for the brand ever since she found it on Sample Room, “I have used and abused a lot of Zenutrients babies—from their creams, balms, and my super fave, their spahhnitizer. I love that a lot!”

Deza ended her story with an advice for her fellow roommates, “Don’t be afraid to try new things especially when they are samples! Life is too short to be boring and scared.” Whether samples or life endeavors, Deza encourages everyone to just take a leap of faith and explore the unknown!


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