Editor’s Pick I for April 2017: Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream


The heat is on - everyday is just so sunny and warm, yeah? I feel like the sun's glaring at me everyday - no, not really. I would not trade this season because I get to see the warm glow of the sun just give the scenery on the roads filtered, hazy, not too clear, but still stunning nonetheless. I also get to see the best sunsets during this season. I love this season so much. Coupled with this season is the need for protection. I am quite unmindful when I actually get tanned, or not, so I was so surprised one day that a friend told me that my skin tanned - and it was just because I wore my sleeveless dress. I realized that the sun was really so strong nowadays that we need extra protection. Yes, I am mega religious in applying my sunblock for the face, but for the body, not really. Some products would feel icky on the body that would make me an unwilling user of body sunblock. But nowadays, there are quite a few brands that seem to know my needs that they blow my mind away with the new, innovative products that they come up with - just like the new Belo Intensive Whitening Body BB Cream.
Achieve gorgeously flawless, naturally glowing arms and legs in an instant. Belo Intensive Whitening Body BB Cream visibly covers blemishes and imperfections as it works to intensively whiten skin. It conceals imperfections while providing silky-smooth and natural flawless finish with its TONE CORRECTING FORMULA. It whitens skin deeply with its Kojic Acid + Tranexamic formulation, and its SPF 50 & PA++++ protects skin against age-accelerating UV rays. It’s also paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested.
I'm gonna keep this short and direct - spraying this on feels so light and almost like I didn't apply anything at all. It has a cooling sensation into it. It has SPF 50 PA++++ and it's quite a winner for this format! But for the best bonus yet - are you ready? When you spray it on, there is a flesh-toned cream that somehow "airbrushes" the surface into a flawless complexion - say hello to flawless arms and legs with this! It's like a bb cream for your body with loaded SPF. It has whitening properties - oh, I'm ok with that. This is too much! I'm sold, and stocking up! Best.summer.product.ever. Enough said! Enjoy the samples, y'all!

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