10 Tips on How To Make Your Baby Comfortable Despite the Summer Heat

The heat in this tropical country has been getting more intense lately. You’re forced to bathe baby more than once a day and baby is endlessly crying out of irritability! To end this summer woe for you and baby, we’ve compiled 10 tips on how to make your baby comfortable despite the summer heat! 1. Dress appropriately If you’re going outdoors with your baby, dress baby with light colored clothes and a wide brimmed hat to cover his/her face from the sun. If you’re staying indoors, use loose-fitting and lightweight clothes, preferably made of cotton. 2. Get a room thermometer Getting a room thermometer will help you know what temperature you are dealing with. This will take away the guesswork and give you peace of mind that you have dressed your baby suitably. 3. Shield your baby’s skin with sunscreen UV rays doesn’t pick anyone to harm; it can damage your skin as well as your baby’s. Protect his/her skin too by applying sunscreen on his/her skin before leaving the house. It’s generally safe to use one that’s designed for babies and one that contains zinc oxide. 4. Avoid going out in peak heat hours You should avoid being outside during the peak heat hours which are from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. At this point, the sun will harm your baby’s skin the most. 5. Use a summer-friendly baby carrier The combination of your body heat and the carrier's confining space can make an infant hot and bothered within a matter of minutes. Choose a carrier made from lightweight nylon rather than a heavy fabric like denim. 6. Keep baby hydrated If you notice that your baby’s face is flushed or warm to the touch, she’s breathing rapidly or she’s restless, your baby may be dehydrated.  Since infants under 6 months shouldn’t drink water, give him/her extra formula or nurse more frequently. 7. Hang wet towels on open windows A quick and easy idea to cool your baby’s environment is to hang some wet towels between open windows. The evaporating water will help the air to cool. 8. Use appropriate bedding Use only cotton bed sheets and avoid any waterproof mattress covering as this will hold heat and make your baby sweat. 9. Keep baby calm A calm baby will remain cooler than a frustrated baby, so try to maintain a calming bedtime routine and offer reassurance and comfort if they are agitated. 10.  Apply a safe talc-free powder on your baby’s skin If your baby sweats a lot, he/she may develop rashes. Signs of heat rash are tiny red bumps clustering on your baby’s neck area, groin, back of the knees, or the crease of the elbows. To relieve this, target these areas when bathing your baby, and make sure to apply a baby powder afterwards. Use one that has a gentle formula like the—Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder. BeloBabyTalk_01 Made with 100% natural ingredients & 0% chemicals, Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder is designed to gently absorb moisture out of your baby’s delicate skin, so your baby doesn’t have to suffer skin rashes but enjoy a cool and refreshed feeling! It’s guaranteed to give your baby comfort, any time of the year! There you go, Mommies! Follow these tips for a more comfortable summer for you and your baby! You may also share your improved experiences in the comments section below. Happy summer! References

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