Editor’s Pick I for May 2017: Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo & 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner

As warm and welcoming Mr. Sun may be on summer days, I don’t look forward to greeting him whenever I go outside. Why? The heat energy he releases is so intense, I need to back off. Don’t get me wrong, I know the sun has amazing benefits to our overall health, but when the heat it radiates gets really intense, it can cause harm to our skin and hair. Yes, let me emphasize on the latter–hair– our crowning glory.

We all know that sun exposure can damage skin, but what many don’t realize is that it can also damage our hair. In fact, according to Saint Tiu, Procter & Gamble’s Senior Scientist for Asia Pacific, “excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) can make hair look and feel dry, dull, and brittle from the outside. Sun exposure attacks the basic building blocks of hair – the proteins, therefore compromising your hair.”

So what are ways to prevent Mr. Sun from frying our hair? First, we need to moisturize our hair. Applying hydrating oils such as olive oil and coconut oil is a great way to hydrate hair, but the downside of this option is that oils have the tendency to drag down hair and make hair greasy. Second, we need to shield our hair from the damaging UV rays. Oils may hydrate, but they cannot protect our hair from the harmful UV rays. Wearing hats or using an umbrella may help, but they can only do so much. We need a hair product that moisturizes and protects at the same time.

This is where my discovery comes in. Sample Room just recently launched Pantene’s newest shampoo and conditioner line—the Pantene Summer Rescue! What’s good about the Summer Rescue line of Pantene is that the formula of both the shampoo and conditioner is specifically created to address our hair’s needs during the summer.


Let’s talk about the shampoo first– the Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue. What makes this shampoo different from other shampoos is that its Pro-V formula has the ability to improve hair’s retention of natural and vital proteins. It locks in essential moisture and shuts out excess humidity. This is great because when hair is damaged, it cannot balance moisture anymore thus losing essential moisture when dry and absorbing excess moisture when humid.

On the other hand, its partner conditioner–Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner– has Pro-V formula too, and it contains 40% more Deep Repair Essence, giving more actives to restore the hair’s health.

The Pro-V formula of both the shampoo and conditioner protects the hair from UV damage by moisturizing hair at its core, and leaving a thin layer of sun protecting shield.

Upon trying this two-step regimen for 1 week, I already noticed the improvement of my hair. Compared to its former lifeless state, my hair is now livelier and bouncier even if I am sun exposed most of the time. No kidding! I actually thought that because of its concentrated moisturizing properties, it will drag my hair down, but to my surprise, Pantene Summer Rescue did not. It hydrates the hair without weighing it down. I also noticed that my hair became healthier in the sense that my hair strengthened. Because formerly, my hair was much thinner. And when I remove my pony tail, my ribbon will leave its mark on my hair. When I used this shampoo and conditioner, I can barely see the ribbon marks on my hair anymore whenever I remove my pony tail. It’s amazing! Also, kudos to the sweet-smelling scent! It’s so heavenly. Using the Pantene Summer Rescue shampoo and conditioner is such a great experience!

Now that I have tried the amazing benefits of the Pantene Summer Rescue combo, I am now more confident to go outside and say hello to Mr. Sun despite his overwhelming energy! I am confident that my hair will be completely protected and moisturised because of Pantene. I recommend that you guys try this combo, too!

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