Press Release: Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo & Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner

When the sun is out, hair damage is in

Pantene has a regimen that can help solve your summer hair woes


Everyone knows that being out in the sun is bad for your skin. But what about your hair? Whether you’re walking to and from class or work or lounging around enjoying the summer sun in leisure—exposing your hair to the elements can make your strands feel fried, frizzy, and lifeless.


“Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) can make hair look and feel dry, dull, and brittle from the outside. Sun exposure attacks the basic building blocks of hair – the proteins, therefore compromising your hair.” says Saint Tiu, Procter & Gamble’s Senior Scientist for Asia Pacific.


A typical hair fiber can contain as much as 90% proteins. When hair is exposed to UV, the light radiation negatively affects almost everything that comprises the hair structure. This may cause hair dryness, reduced strength, rough surface texture, loss of color and luster, stiffness and brittleness.


Filipino women, in particular, are born with dark hair which contains more photo-sensitive proteins. This means it will have greater protein loss when exposed to UV, not to mention the damage that tropical humidity can inflict on your strands – especially so during the summer when the UV index peaks and is at its highest.


Limited Edition Summer UV Collection


Introducing – Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner, a hair care regimen specifically created to address hair’s needs during the summer. The simple two-step system helps prevent damage caused by UV exposure by leaving hair strands with deep moisture and a protective shield. Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner also has the Pro-Vitamin formula that contains 40% more⁺ Deep Repair Essence so you get more actives to restore your hair’s health. The 3


The result? Hair that is not only silky smooth and fresh, but one that is protected from intense Summer UV.


The Newest Face of Pantene




Gabbi Garcia will be the first Filipina Pantene Ambassador for Asia. Gabbi, a budding actress in Philippine show business, is just one of the millions of Filipinas who are exposed to extreme heat and hair damage. To prove the benefit of Pantene Summer Rescue, Gabbi shot her latest Pantene commercial under extreme heat of the Australian desert at 45 degrees Celsius.


As she is always out and about for photo shoots and film tapings, it is important for Gabbi to find a hair care regimen that is easy to use and simple to follow, while ensuring that it consistently delivers a clean, refreshing feel, perfect during summer’s hottest days, and Pantene does just that!


Summer only happens once in a year and it is about time to step out of the shadows! Grab the limited edition Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner and experience hair without limits this summer.


Purchase the Limited Edition Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo in 170ml for Php 112.00, 340ml for Php 206.00, and the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner in 180ml for Php 159.00, 340ml for Php 259.00 at Only in stores until June 2017.


For more information about Pantene Pro-V Summer Rescue Shampoo and Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Summer Rescue Conditioner, visit and follow Pantene Philippines (@PantenePhilippines) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



* vs. non-conditioning shampoo

⁺vs. Pantene Conditioner with the highest conditioning level

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