Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Formula
Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Dermatix® Ultra is an advanced scar formula that is proven effective in the management of scars. It has the innovative CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) technology for improved effects in flattening and softening scars and contains a unique ingredient of Vitamin C which gives the benefit of photoprotection and skin lightening.

Dermatix® Ultra’s high grade of skin conditioning agent heals your scar without the greasy, tacky feel upon application. It leaves a soft, silky and clean feel when applied to the skin.

It is not indicated for the treatment of depressed scars, such as those resulting from acne or chickenpox.


Proven efficacy in flattening, softening and lightening scars

Innovative formula with CPX technology & unique Vitamin C

Convenience with elegant, quick drying formulation

Excellent cosmetic properties: smooth and silky feel, transparent & odorless

Easy to apply

Safe to use, even for children

Recommended by plastic surgeons



Clean affected area with soap and water. Pat dry.


Apply a pea-sized amount of Dermatix® Ultra on the scar. Gently spread it all over the treated area.


Allow to dry for about 1-2 minutes before covering with cosmetics or sunscreen.

Apply twice daily for 3 months to see the results.

Can be used on elevated scars not older than 2 years, such as those from surgery, wounds or burns (except third-degree burns)

Should not be applied on open and depressed scars resulting from acne and chickenpox

FULL SIZE: 7g/15g


PRICE: PHP 730/ PHP 990


AVAILABLE AT: Available in all leading drugstores nationwide.






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