As well as keeping you dry for up to 48 hours, Dove Ultimate White Antiperspirant effectively targets the most stubborn dark spots caused by shaving irritation, lightening your underarms in just 3 days. Enriched with Omega 6, it contains sunflower seed oil, a source of linoleic acid, which is known to have a lightening effect on your skin. Our ¼ moisturizing cream nourishes your delicate underarm skin and leaves it softer, smoother and healthy-looking. Enjoy beautifully lighter underarms and feel protected with a soft, floral scent, so you can feel confident to do all the things that make you feel beautiful.

-Lightens underarm dark spots
-Keeps you dry for up to 48 hours
-¼ moisturising cream for softer, smoother skin
-Enriched with face care ingredients such as Omega 6 and hydrating glycerol for beautifully lighter and smoother underarms
-Soft, floral scent
-Cares for your delicate underarm skin


FULL SIZES:  169ml



Available in all leading supermarkets, grocery, department stores, drug stores and sari-sari stores nationwide.


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