Editor’s Pick II for July 2017: Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Formula


I am a person who loves clothes, especially dresses. I'm fond of styling myself so that I will look fashionably neat and presentable anywhere I go.

Like other girls, I used to wear clothes that’ll show off some skin, particularly when attending a very special occasion. Until one day, I accidentally got cuts on my skin which made visible scars (near my elbow). And recently, I got mosquito bites that eventually turned into dark permanent marks. Because of these, my clothing style has been affected and my clothing choices became limited.

Since I want to finally get rid of these pesky scars, I began searching for a topical gel that will heal them. I actually found a lot, but none of them effectively worked on my skin. They only lessened the itchiness and pain, but the scars remained, waving at me.

Good thing, Sample Room gave me Dermatix Ultra for me to review! How convenient is that? I've been researching about a product that can lighten my scars, and voila--it's just so coincidental that we are also sampling and reviewing this based on my experience! According to Dermatix Ultra, it can lighten, flatten, and soften my scars and initial improvement may be seen after 8 weeks of continued use. Upon further reading, it is said to have also been prescribed by different skin and surgery specialists! Now, I know that I'm in good hands!

Though I've just recently used it for 2 weeks now and is still waiting for the results, I noticed that my scars have already been softened. I'm definitely in for a good start! Dermatix Ultra’s content and feature are also way too awesome than other scar-healing products!

Common topical gels come in creamy texture and leave an oily, sticky feel when applied onto the skin. Dermatix Ultra, on the other hand, comes in a silky, transparent feature and leaves a smooth, non-greasy feel when applied. It is odor-less and quick-drying that it can dry in just a minute or two upon application. It can also dry in just a few seconds, if your scars are not that big. Plus, cosmetics and sunscreen can be applied over it! Amazing, isn’t it?  I usually wait for a few good minutes for it to dry up on my skin.

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Check out Dermatix Ultra's awesome TVC below!

Truly, Dermatix Ultra has made everything convenient and possible for us. I’m really glad that I have found a hero to help me get rid of my scars. I’ll just have to wait 6 more weeks for the complete process. After which, I can finally wear the clothes that I want and not feel limited again when it comes to my clothing choices! I can finally wear my dresses again, this time with confidence!

For more information about Dermatrix Ultra, click on the brochure below:

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