Editor’s Pick II for August 2017: Silka Papaya Deodorant

Every woman dreams of having flawless skin, particularly underneath the shoulders and arms, a.k.a. the underarms. Much to our annoyance, underarm hair gets in the way of flaunting flawlessly smooth and white underarms. For many of us who are in a tight budget, we get rid of unwanted underarm hair using tweezers, razor, or wax. However, these seemingly harm-free methods come with a price – rough and dark underarm skin. Yikes! Because of this, we end up buying expensive whitening deodorants that promise to remedy dark underarms and chicken skin in just a snap. But just as they say, everything that is done with great haste is done with carelessness. Sometimes, these whitening deodorants may worsen the state of our underarm skin. It’s a huge no-no! But fret no more, this new Silka Papaya Deodorant offers a unique, healthy, and natural solution to finally solve our underarm woes! Made with Papaya Enzyme, Giga White, and Vitamin B3, it claims to naturally whiten the underarms while giving your armpits the protection that it needs from odor and sweat. Plus, it says that it comes in a lotion form that will not leave a greasy nor a sticky feeling when applied to the skin. Given the opportunity to write my impression about this new, all-natural deo from Silka, I decided to open the cap and observed the difference of its packaging and scent from other whitening deo. Common whitening roll-on deodorants have this ‘open’ packaging that is prone to unnecessary dirt and have a strong scent that lingers on your nose. But in Silka Papaya Deodorant, the roll-on itself is safely half-enclosed, making it less susceptible to dirt and leakage. I was also surprised by its scent because it didn’t smell like the fresh fruit Papaya; Instead, it gave me a cool and fresh after bath scent! Fascinated by these findings, I let myself to take the ‘kili-kili challenge’ and see how Silka Papaya Deodorant’s natural whitening, and odor and sweat protection claims will work on me. It’s also a perfect timing for me to review this product as I sweat a lot especially when I commute to work. I only had 6 days of trying it, but I’ve already seen some of its wondrous effects on my underarms already. Again, you may not see some changes on my underarm skin’s color as I already have a light complexion. But I do have small, dark underarm pores caused by my underarm shaving routine. After the 6 days usage of Silka Papaya Deodorant, I noticed that some of my dark underarm pores have started to lighten. And what made me even more surprised is that it really protected my underarms from sweat and kept it smelling fresh even after long hours of work! Based on Silka, visible results can be seen after regularly using it for 3 weeks. Unlike other whitening deodorants, it did not leave a stain nor sweat marks on my clothes when I go to work. With all these positive results, I can say that Silka Papaya Deodorant is honest to goodness to its claims. It’s really a must-have during this erratic season of ours, especially with the long commute to work due to traffic! To our roommates out there who have been experiencing underarm issues like me, here’s my piece of advice – do not rush things in getting beautiful and whiter underarms. Everything takes time, and I definitely will keep on using Silka Papaya Deodorant to wait for the much visible whitening results. For now, I'm very happy with my long hours of fresh scent and sweat free experience with it. With the right amount of discipline and the right product, you can definitely see better results in a natural way. May Kasiguraduhan at Kagandahan ka, Basta Silka! ;)

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