Editor’s Pick I for September 2017: SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap

  How long does it take us to be selfie-ready? For girls like us who love taking photos, it will always be our top priority to be fresh-looking and naturally blooming before hitting that shutter button. To nail that perfect look, we always allot our time and effort to do quick touch-ups – concealing dark under eye circles, putting on powder and blush to our cheeks, and the like – so as not to look dull and pale in our pictures. Yet sometimes, touch-ups are not as quick and reliable as we think it is.  It’s kind of frustrating that we end up wasting so much time to religiously achieve that natural-looking and beautiful blushing face, isn’t it? But why not start having it with a soap that cares to give us that beautiful blush and brightest glow in a more refreshing way? ;)   We don’t have to worry too much as this incredible Glutathione and Vitamin C-infused face and body soap from SkinWhite will not only aid us to be instant selfie-ready; it’ll also help us discover our brightest look even without applying makeup!     To add, it has an Advanced TriPower Technology and Vitanourish Formula that fight melanin production, prevent skin darkening, and help block nasty UV rays as it provides a full-on moisturization to our skin keeping us looking and feeling good inside-out. And because it’s made with twice the power of Gluta and whitening, it claims to give a beautiful blush white skin in as fast as 7 days* Since I got a shot to lay my hands on this creamy floral scented soap alone, I decided to focus more on my recent experience with it and how it did its job in giving its honest-to-goodness claims.     Upon using SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap, I was gladly able to savor my bathing experience as this whitening bar quickly lathered on my skin while spreading its creamy floral scent around the bathroom! And surprisingly, it was able to deliver that subtle yet noticeable change in just a week usage.     This is me on my 8th day of using the soap and I would say that, indeed, SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap turned my dull and pale face skin into a bright, blooming, and blushing white one – giving me that instant selfie-ready look! Now, I won’t have to take a break for a quick touch-up before taking pictures with my friends or portraits of myself as this baby already gave me that perfect, natural-looking complexion. Even though it’s subtle, I believe that it’ll bring more visible results after continued use. For now, I’m feeling more confident to ace my ‘selfie’ and ‘groufie’ game!  So, for our dear roomies who want to get that glowing ‘selfie-ready’ look, give SkinWhite Glutathione + Vitamin C Soap a try and you might just #DiscoverYourBrightest! ;)

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