Editor’s Pick II for September 2017: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

I was convinced at an early age that being natural was a great and admirable trait —a belief that stemmed from my parents’ inclination towards 'inner beauty' and my early exposure to romantic comedies. This concept has followed me all my life which unsurprisingly, led me into developing an affinity towards natural care products. My zest for investing in natural items have somehow increased when my older cousin gave birth to her first born daughter. Being the youngest in our family, I treated my niece as a younger sister and partly took the responsibility in taking care of her and overseeing her activities when my cousin was not around. Overtime, I felt so invested and completely attached to her that I made the conscious decision to help my cousin in selecting her baby products. And being the 'naturals aficionado' I am, I wanted her to experience the same kind of care and mildness I got from natural products, starting with this latest baby powder from Sample Room.     With their impressive commitment in providing natural and mild baby products that are environment friendly, Tiny Buds has proven their genuine care for consumers, especially their concern for the safety of every baby that will use them. Being the first brand to introduce a baby powder made from 100% Rice Grains, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder's benefits and mildness is truly deserving of its international acclaim.     Trying it out on my niece's skin, we noticed how it’s soft and smooth texture, and its calming scent gave her the soothing feeling she craves. Without toxins that can be coarse to her skin, I was even more persuaded that products made with natural ingredients are perfect for babies. When compared with other talc-free powders that my niece had tried before, Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder doesn’t mix with her sweat which keeps her dry and fresh despite playing all day long!
After a week's usage, we have noticed no signs of skin irritation on her at all! Which made me pretty confident that she still feels the soothing effect she initially experienced, whenever we apply this baby powder. Upon seeing its cooling and lasting effect on my niece, it urged me to try it out for myself.     I started using this natural baby powder daily and like my niece's experience, the powder stayed on my skin. It didn’t mix with my sweat as well, a dreadful occurrence that would usually clog my pores and result to breakouts! Who would want that, right? But fortunately, with Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, I was in the clear! It has been fun finding another great product to trust, and to include in my own and my niece's arsenal of natural care goodies. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder proved that products made with 100% natural ingredients not only gives us the option to go natural; it also delivers its promising honest-to-goodness claims! So for all the daddies, mommies, sisters, brothers, and aunts out there who may or may not be as lenient towards natural products as I am, give Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder a try for your babies, younger siblings, nieces, nephews, and even for yourself, and discover how this baby must-have offers a different kind of care that's #NaturalToTheTiniestDrop! ;)

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