Editor’s Pick II for October 2017: Vitress Hair Freshener

I made peace with the fact that my hair will always be smelly and sticky whenever I commute. I usually just grab my perfume and spray some on my locks to mask the smell of smoke which my hair has acquired on the way. This practice of using perfume, makes my hair a bit dry afterwards but there’s really no way around it when you don’t want your hair to stay stinky. For quite some time, I have dealt with it and was even partly satisfied with the weird scent of perfume mixed with the smell of smoke in my tresses until Vitress Hair Freshener came.

The first time I saw it, I was already impressed with its transparent bottle that has a floral feminine design. I checked the label and saw that it has an InstaFresh Technology that can quickly eliminate unwanted odors in your hair while leaving it shiny and smooth (this is not a drill ladies, there is a product that can instantly remove the stinky smell in your hair and make it shinier!).  And of course, being that preparation is key, I decided to bring it whenever I feel like my hair’s going to be exposed to pollution and smoke.

Basking into the busy streets of Manila on a daily basis, my hair often acquires a lot of scent and pollution which leave a certain type of stink that honestly, stresses me out. Luckily, with just a few spritz of Vitress Hair Freshener, I can bid goodbye to that weird odor in my hair. Its scent is so nice that I can confidently walk-in any air conditioned space, knowing that my tresses are fragrant. Plus, I don’t need to feel embarrassed about tying it up in a ponytail just to somehow confine its smoky smell. Even after a few hours upon application, I can still smell a hint of sweetness in my hair.

What’s also good about this Hair Freshener from Vitress is it is quite handy that I can easily toss it in my hand bag and bring it anywhere I go. When I brought it with me recently on a dinner out with friends, I was satisfied with the way it kept my hair smelling great even with all the exhaust and smoke from the grill, plus the sweat I have induced during our hearty meal. I went home that night without even a trace of that smoky, icky smell!

All I can say is that I absolutely vouch for this product because it has met my hair care needs instantly. I found an instant fix to my smelly hair and I will absolutely include it in my beauty kit! I’m so excited to share this amazing hair freshener to my friends and family! And if you are like me, who’s always struggling to keep your hair fragrant and shiny after frequent exposure to smoke and pollution, I would advise you to try this out!  It can really save you from a lot of stress and frustration. Always remember to #JustVitressIt to say #GoodbyeToSmellyHair!

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