Conceal Brush Tip (Dark Mocha Brown)

  Gray or white hair is unflattering and may make us look older than we are. Frequent trips to the hair salon to touch-up gray hair roots become a troublesome and expensive routine, and are best avoided because the harsh chemicals in the dye may penetrate scalp and cause unwanted side effects to hair, skin, and health. With Conceal Instant Touch-up Solution, your perfect hairdo is ready in seconds and lets you step out with confidence without worrying about your gray hair roots peeking out! This non-dye solution is washable and is 100% free from toxins, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide that can damage the scalp. Best for normal length to longer hair.   CLAIMS:
  • Pocket-sized for convenience
  • No mess, no water needed
  • Rich colors blend into hair evenly
  • No strong odor
  • Safe for sensitive scalp
  • Washes away with regular shampoo and water
  • Can be used up for 12 months only
  1. Make sure hair is clean and dry. Apply directly on areas of hair that need touch-up with light and even strokes.
  2. Allow the formula to dry completely. Using a hair dryer is recommended for faster results. Comb your hair and style as usual. The color will not stain* your hands once dry.
*Avoid stains on your skin by applying lotion or cold cream on the hair line during application and while the formula is still wet.   FULL SIZE:         5g                 PRICE:                         PHP 250.00   AVAILABLE AT: Conceal Instant Gray Hair Solutions is available in Watsons Personal Care Stores, and   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website: Facebook:  Instagram: @concealgrayhairsolutions Get your samples now at Sample Room!

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