Cream Silk Dry Rescue Conditioner
Thursday, 9 November 2017


Dry Rescue with Moisture Lock Complex is specially designed for dry, dehydrated hair, protecting it from dryness. Based on lab tests vs. non-conditioning shampoo, it transforms your hair up to 97% free of dryness from the first wash.


USAGE: After shampoo, massage through hair especially on ends. Rinse well after 1 minute. Use every day for best results.


FULL SIZE:  12ml/ 90ml/ 180ml/ 350ml

* 40ml Limited Edition Cream Silk Minis with all 7 Customized Solutions


PRICE:           PHP 6.50/ PHP 56.00/ PHP 109.00/ PHP 197.50

* PHP 249.00 for a pack of 7



Available in Lazada and all major supermarkets & sari-sari stores nationwide.







Get your sample at Sample Room! 

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