Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner
Thursday, 9 November 2017


Standout Straight with Frizz Defense Complex is specially designed to make unruly and frizzy hair straighter, smoother, and helps reduce frizz, giving you beyond beautiful hair every day. Based on lab tests with non-conditioning shampoo, it repairs, protects, and transforms your hair up to 4x straighter from the first wash.


USAGE: After shampoo, massage through hair especially on ends. Rinse well after 1 minute. Use every day for best results.


FULL SIZE: 12ml/ 90ml/ 180ml/ 350ml

* 40ml Limited Edition Cream Silk Minis with all 7 Customized Solutions


PRICE:         PHP 6.50/ PHP 56.00/ PHP 109.00/ PHP 197.50

* PHP 249.00 for a pack of 7



Available in Lazada and all major supermarkets & sari-sari stores nationwide.







Get your samples at Sample Room! 

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