Editor’s Pick for November III: Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution Brush Tip

How do you conceal your age? Do you use anti-aging products too?

When talking about defying aging, skincare products are usually the hottest topic. The concept of looking youthful focuses on keeping the skin, tight and wrinkle-free, which is not essentially wrong yet, often the value of hiding gray hair is overlooked. Besides the sagging and fine lines on your skin, the most obvioust give away that you are aging are the revealing streaks of white on your head. Research says that the reason why the hair turns gray as you age is because of the decreased production of melanin in the body – the one responsible for maintaining the color of the hair. And while there are a few measures you can take to prevent premature graying of your tresses, eventually as you grow older you can never completely stop it. Good thing, when this ultimately happens, there is a new means of hiding your age and concealing gray hair: Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution Brush Tip!   If you are like me, who don’t want a permanent and chemically induced color treatment to cover your silver streaks, you have Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution Brush Tip to the rescue. It is an ammonia-free, quick, and easy hair touch-up that instantly hides gray hair from root to tip. With just a few swipes, its color blends seamlessly, giving you that great salon finish hair.

So if you’re dreading the troublesome trips to hair salons, just to touch-up gray hair like I do, this is perfect for you! Especially now that Christmas is fast approaching. You can touch up gray hair before going to parties and family gatherings, using the instant magic of this! With Conceal Brush Tip’s Comb-Apply-Dry procedure, you can cover unflattering white hair in the convenience of your home easily. What’s also great about it is that it has a handy packaging which makes it is easier to bring along anywhere and anytime you need additional coverage or a quick gray hair touch up!

Plus, its non-dye formula is mild and only lasts for a day, so you can just wash it away after. With its two shades of Medium Chestnut Brown and Dark Mocha Brown you can pick the perfect match that'll complement the color of your locks. And because it is free from harsh chemicals and strong odors that can cause unwanted side effects to your hair, it makes it suitable for those who has sensitive scalp like me or for some of you who dislike harsh scent. While it is human nature to have gray hair as you grow older, never let it reveal your real age. Much like sagging skin and wrinkles, your gray hair can give away your age too. That is why, the same as anti-aging skincare regimens, you should also have a solution for covering your gray hair that'll #ConcealYourAge too! Hide unsightly gray hair without the stress and the mess with Conceal Instant Gray Hair Touch Up Solution Brush Tip! Add this 2017 Good House Keeping Anti-Aging awardee to your beauty must-haves and grab a free sample at!

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