5 Ways to Share the Joy of Christmas without Spending a Cent

Gift giving is probably the merriest part of Christmas. Picking out presents to give to your loved ones and getting to see their faces after receiving them is one of the most fun and heart-warming charm of celebrating the holidays. Wrapping up presents and placing them underneath the Christmas tree gives that certain sentimental feeling you can only feel during this season.  And although there’s nothing prettier than gifts wrapped and decorated with a bow, there are other ways you can spread the holiday cheer without needing a budget.

1. Volunteer at your community or at a local charity

  Spread the spirit of Christmas by sacrificing your time and effort into giving back to your community. Put some of your free time and energy into good use by choosing a great cause to support! If you are looking for ways to begin, seek out a church that does an outreach and ask for referrals for places you can also serve. You can also locate an organization that allows volunteers to join their programs. Just make sure to find a cause that you are passionate about. Whether it’s for building homes, planting trees, feeding the poor, or tending to the sick, there’s always something you can do to contribute. Just by showing your willingness to work and dedicate your time for the common good is already a wonderful start in spreading joy this Yuletide season.  

2. Donate old clothes, books, toys, and Christmas decors


2017 is nearly coming to an end and there are a few personal belongings that I bet we had forgotten or are stuck in storage. And instead of throwing it away or keeping it hidden somewhere inside your home, why not just give them off to charity? Preloved pieces of clothing, books, old toys, and unused Christmas decors can be a great source of joy to less fortunate people. Let others benefit and find value from your pile of unused things and share the Christmas cheer by making their celebration extra special and comfy this year.


3. Offer your expertise

  Do you have a special skill or talent you can offer? Ask around for ways you can use your knowledge to help other people. If you are talented in the arts, start a free painting or drawing workshop for those interested to learn. Are you fluent in a few languages? Why not offer to teach someone who’s looking to speak them too? Do you play a musical instrument? Teach a friend a tune or two then start playing the songs you love together! Whatever skill you have, even if you think it’s not that grand, you can still share it with those who love to learn! It can be a humbling experience this holiday to contribute to the growth of others.  

4. Adopt a furry friend

  Add a new member to your family! Get a warm-fuzzy feeling this Christmas by adopting a furry, loyal creature who is waiting to find the perfect, caring home. There are lots of animals that need TLC in the Philippines and what better way to show it to them than by making room for these little furballs in your home? Have a new pal to cuddle with especially during this cold season and help out these little four-pawed creatures by showering them with love and providing them shelter. There are a few organizations you can reach out to if you’d love to adopt one.  

5. Share your experiences online

  Be generous this Christmas by putting your voices to good use. Let it be heard and let others learn from your experiences by sharing them online. A few suggestions would be to talk about the lessons you’ve learned from a previous relationship. Or through sharing a new recipe you’ve discovered and tried. You can even tell the readers a few hacks and tips you’ve picked up from your latest adventure, and disclose your sincere product reviews to shed light to those who are having a hard time deciding which product to purchase. Even if you decide to give gifts or heed our tips, it doesn’t matter how you choose to spread the joy this Christmas, the important thing is discovering that it is during these simple moments of generosity that we often find the joy and warmth of celebrating the holidays.

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