Editor’s Pick for December 2017: Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Cream

They first caught our hearts with their cool dance steps, groovy outfits and hairstyles, and earworm-worthy music that even though some of us don’t know what it means, we still sing our hearts out to it! Until they have finally captured us through their movies and tons of drama series that still make us go crazy and kilig with their handsome ‘oppa’s and beautiful ‘unnie’s (we feel you at this very moment!). Also, we obviously admire how they dress as we are now currently embracing their fashion culture that’s comfy yet so stylish. Now, we bet you know who are we talking about – the Koreans (Annyeong!). Don’t we just love and enjoy getting into their trends? BUT above all their innovations, their superior skincare practice stands out the best as we have seen in magazines and in K-drama series how flawless, fresh, dewy, soft, and natural their skin are! They call that distinct K-beauty look as ‘Chok Chok’ skin and yes, it definitely got women of all ages go green with envy! But fret no more, ladies! The key to our dreams in getting that ‘Chok Chok’ skin is now made possible and instant by Korea’s latest skin whitening breakthrough, Seoul White Korea! Their two groundbreaking products – Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap and Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream – sum up the brand’s two-step regimen for that fresh Korean glow like our fave Korean actresses! Indeed, these essentials are ‘fingerheart-worthy’ not only because they are tailor-made for Filipino skin; but they also contain a never-before-seen blend of natural ingredients that are fresh from Korea such as arbutin bearberry, white strawberry, and donkey milk that whiten the skin as they soften, minus the mahapdi feeling. With too much excitement, I decided to take Seoul White Korea’s two-step regimen. I started with Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap to cleanse my body and finished it off by moisturizing my skin with Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream. According to the brand, this lightweight cream is armed with Seoul White’s key ingredients in a breakthrough formula that instantly brightens the skin tone upon application. It also delivers a long-term skin improvement over time and keeps the skin hydrated and supple. Upon applying this skin moisturizer, it didn’t feel sticky nor heavy on my skin. Plus, it smells so good that I can sniff a hint of strawberries and milk in it! I gently spread the cream until fully absorbed by my skin, as stated in the packaging. And surprisingly, in just 1 minute, I got to achieve that supple, #KinisPutiKinisKoreana skin that’s everyone been raving about in just an instant!
The verdict: I’m impressed with Seoul White Korea Tone-Up Cream’s ability to instantly give us that beautiful ‘Chok Chok’ skin! This is a good validation that the three natural ingredients of this cream really worked. Daebak! So for our dear roomies who want to achieve an extraordinary skin glow like Koreans, you better try out this new promising brand in the local market here! Just always remember to regularly use Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap and Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream together for best results, and finally score that unique #KinisPutiKinisKoreana skin like your K-idols!

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