Uniqlo Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra

  NOTE: THIS COUPON MAY ONLY BE REDEEMED ONCE UNTIL MARCH 12, 2018.   Wear all your favorite tops comfortably without the worry of straps showing. Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra is your new convertible bra that goes with any outfit! It has soft, removable straps that can be styled and worn in a variety of ways depending on your outfit, including removed or crossed. Using super stretchy fabric, and resin wires and side bones, it helps prevent slippage while providing smooth, secure, gentle, and comfortable support.   FEATURES:
  • It has straps that can be arranged for styling.
  • It has slip-guard material used on the cup tops and backs, so the bra stays in place even when worn without the straps.
  • It uses urethane resin and side boning support for a beautiful bust line.
  UNIQLO BRANCHES: http://blog.sampleroom.ph/2018/02/uniqlo-branches/   PRICE:                         PHP 990.00   SOCIAL MEDIA:  Website: http://www.uniqlo.com/ph/ Facebook: @uniqlo.ph Twitter: @UNIQLOPH Instagram: @uniqlophofficial   Get this Comfort Beauty Bra now at Sample Room!

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