Your 4 Comfort Beauty Bras Must-Haves!

  Clothes, as part of people’s daily basic needs, plays a big role in bringing us satisfaction, comfort, and confidence to make us feel better in anything that we do. And to get the ultimate comfort that we want, it all needs to start from the inside – wearing a comfy innerwear. For us women, daily innerwear like bras help us cover and support our intimate areas for us to feel beautiful and comfortable any time of the day. However, there are some instances that our bras seem to give us the opposite – pain suffered from wired bras, loose straps sneaking out, and tight clips and hooks digging in our skin to name a few (We bet you can relate with how stressful it is!). Hence, we search for the perfect bra that’ll fit all our needs. But look no further ladies, as these Comfort Beauty Bras from Uniqlo guarantee you beauty and maximum comfort without compromising the support you need!     And take note, they have four kinds of bras in their Wireless Bra series that are beautifully-designed to fit all types of needs in any occasion!  

Uniqlo Relax Wireless Bra

  1. For those who want to concentrate on housework or office work. If you’re a type of gal who loves to relax and finds serenity either at home or at work, the Relax Wireless Bra is the perfect innerwear for you! Made with AIRism material, it comes in a tank-top design that provides the lightest feel and most stress-free comfort and support in the Wireless Bra series. It also has a stretchable bonding technology that gives a smooth, dry, and exact fit even as you move.      

Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bra

  2. For those who want to wear wireless bras and make breasts look beautiful. If you prefer to be absolutely comfortable and beautiful at the same time, we suggest you to wear the Beauty Light Wireless Bra! Its soft urethane resin cups will provide the secure and comfy support you need while shaping an attractive bust line. Plus, it has a seamless design that stays hidden under the clothes, so you won’t have to worry in wearing clothes that have thin or light-colored fabrics.                                                                                                         

Uniqlo Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra

  3. For those who want specific bras according to their #OOTDs. If you’re a person who’s stylish and loves to try new things, then this awesome convertible bra is the right one for you! The Beauty Light Multiway Wireless Bra lets you comfortably wear all your favourite #OOTDs without the worry of straps showing. It has soft, rearrangeable straps that can be worn in a variety of ways, stretchy fabric, urethane resins, and side boning support that prevents slippage while giving smooth and secure support.      

Uniqlo Beauty Soft Wireless Bra

  4. For those who are annoyed by hooks, wires, and straps contacting the skin. If you want to completely break free from skin stress or to be hassle-free even on a hustle, put on the soft daily comfort and support of Beauty Soft Wireless Bra! This bra stands out in the Wireless Bra series as it is free of hooks, wires, and clips while retaining its sufficient comfort, making it ideal for your busy errands, lengthy seated work, and public transport. It can also take the burden off your shoulder as it has broad, stretchable straps that are light and soft to the skin.   There you have it, ladies! It’s time to break free from your bra issues using these Uniqlo Wireless Comfort Beauty Bras, so you can finally be #WirelessLimitless! Check out Uniqlo's Comfort Beauty Bras here.


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