A New Baby Must-Have for Every Family!


Back when I was just a little kid, I can’t remember the last time that I or my ates used wet wipes to clean the mess and dirt on my skin after playing outside. I usually play with my neighbors back then during the golden hour (3-5PM), and I must say that during those hours, I and all other kids do sweat a lot which welcomes the dust and dirt to stick onto our skin.

Since my ates were not into using wipes, they used an ordinary towel soaked either in warm water or alcohol instead to clean up the sweat and dirt on my face and body. BUT looking back, I was able to realize that using alcohol has a lot of harmful effects on the skin, which is one of the probable reasons why I grew up having an ashy, dry skin. And now that I’m in my early 20s, I mostly regret those times that I didn’t ever use a soft and gentle cleaning cloth for myself.

Though I’m pretty aware that wet wipes are mostly used for emergency cases like ‘baby and adult accidents’ (if you know what I mean), I tried searching for the perfect wipes that will effectively yet gently cleanse the face and body without irritating it. However, I stumbled across some products that are too rough or, either too quick-drying or too wet on the skin until the NEW Belo Baby Ultra-Gentle Wipes came in.



Crafted with care for baby’s sensitive skin, this newest baby product from the Belo Baby line is carefully formulated with organic chamomile extract, organic aloe vera, and Vitamin E that are gentle enough to nourish and clean baby’s face, hands, and bum. Plus, it’s safe for babies and for the whole family as it’s hypoallergenic and free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, chlorine, and petrochemicals!



Unlike other baby wipes, Belo Baby made sure that its sheets are extra thick yet silky soft and ultra-gentle like a soft washcloth that, for me, is ideal for dry and sensitive skin especially for babies who are prone to skin diseases.



To add, it’s neither too quick-drying nor too wet, that’s perfectly fine to wipe off tiny bits of dirt and dust on my skin.

I want to thank the heavens for this new baby essential as it also came just right in time as I’m already an aunt to my 3-year-old nephew who loves and enjoys playing outside with his toy cars every day! Since I don’t want him to get the same experience as mine (and repeat the same mistake again), I’ll make sure that he gets the safest and gentlest touch that his soft and delicate skin needs, only with Belo Baby Ultra-Gentle Wipes.

However, for those people who aren’t moms, or have no baby siblings, nieces, or nephews, you can also use this ultra-gentle wipes to freshen up your face after a long, tiring day of work, or to remove remaining bits of make-up on your face. After all, it’s all made with the Belo Baby Guarantee – certified natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals!

Try the NEW #BeloBabyWipes here and discover how it can make you, your baby, and your whole family nourished, squeaky clean, and fresh any time of the day!

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