5 Hair Care Tips to Empower You This Summer Season

Want it or not, there’s no getting around experiencing the extreme heat this summer that is why instead of cowering to its harsh and harmful effects, here are some tips to help you maintain the health of your crowning glory, despite the hot season.  

1)     Protect your tresses from sun rays

Shield your hair from the sun with hair care products that contains UV filters and protective clothing. Sun protection products and hats wards off sun damage and maintains the vibrancy of color treated hair. Aside from keeping your strands covered, these can also come in handy when protecting your scalp from sun rays.


2)     Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

As we all know the heat robs the hair of moisture, which is why it is necessary to use hair products that hydrate your locks especially after being exposed to the sun.  However, if you’re worried about chemical build up that often leaves a heavy-feel on the scalp you can use clarifying shampoos once a week to wash away the chemicals, just keep in mind to apply deep conditioners after.


3)     Avoid hot hair styling tools

Give your hair a break from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons this hot season.  Besides the harm acquired from styling tools, the accumulated heat outside and sun exposure can escalate the damage on your strands and result to frizz. In case you’d liked to style your hair into curly waves, you can wash your hair at night and tie it up in a bun or a braid before you sleep and after waking up you can get those natural curls you can wear all day.


4)     Get a trim

Sweat is inevitable when you’re bracing the summer heat. And during these grueling moments, the heavy, icky feeling of your hair sticking to your neck is the last thing you’d want. So instead of suffering and keeping your hair up in a bun all the time, which actually causes breakage and tangles, get a short haircut. It can also be quite stylish this season.


5)     Soak your locks before swimming

Keep your hair completely soaked with clean water before dipping into the pool or the sea. The hair can only hold a certain amount of water thus your strands will soak less of these deeply damaging sea water and chlorine which means less damaged hair for you. Also, after a dip, rinse immediately to prevent prolonged chemical damage on your tresses.

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