Be #KiliKiliProud with the #AllOutIntense underarm care of Belo Intense White Deo!

There are certain trivial activities we’re so accustomed of doing that we’re basically programmed to do them without putting much of a thought in to it. Things like walking your way home, typing a screen lock password or brushing your teeth in the morning.  Often doing these things requires not much mental effort as compared to other things like for example, solving equations. However, if you give it some thought there are also a handful of small things and basic activities that can cause mental distress to perform like waiting in long queues, counting your change or in my case sweating and worrying about smelling bad.

Living in the Philippines with the hot and humid weather, I’m always wary of the endless possibility of smelling bad in whatever time of day especially when I know that I could encounter acquaintances and friends in any given moment.  That’s why deodorants are a must-have for me. However, having tried a lot of different deodorants over the years and although some may have been effective, there are some that have caused slight darkening of my underarms, which is why it’s good to be introduced to a product that can protect me for long hours while also brightening my underarms like Belo Intense White Deodorant.


Clinically made by the Belo Authority with the powerful dual whitening action of ActiWhite and Beetox, this deo works to reduce underarm pigmentation without the skin irritation. It penetrates deeply to whiten discoloration at a cellular level so you need not to worry about this causing you darker underarms after use. Plus, if you’ve had a painful experience of applying deo after shaving or plucking, with Belo Intense White Deodorant, no worries as it also prevents skin inflammation.


And in case you need or is looking for something that can give you up to 2 days of underarm protection, Belo Intense White Deodorant has got you. It fights sweat and body odor for up to 48 hours without leaving stains on your clothes so you can freely and confidently go about your daily grind without double guessing your every move. And while we’re at it, it is also alcohol-free, Paraben-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested so it’s proven safe and effective for everyone.


What’s more is if you’re looking for fast and effective underarm whitening --especially now that it’s summer and wearing sleeveless, bikinis and swimsuits are in—Belo Intense White Deo can visibly lighten your underarms in just 7 days.  It comes in a form of roll-on and aerosol spray so have two options to choose from.

It can be true that struggling for the things that we care about is what makes life exciting and worthwhile however, taking care of ourselves and maintaining a good hygiene to be able to feel confident in our every move should be a walk in the park for us. While suffering is a part of our contract with life, hiding and being insecure about ourselves –and our underarms-- should not be included in this deal.  That is why I believe being #KiliKiliProud is so important. Good thing you can now go #AllOutIntense in your underarm care with FREE samples of Belo Intense White Aerosol Spray or Roll-on Anti-Perspirant  deodorant from!

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