Don’t let your period get in the way of doing what you love with Ladouce Tampons

Being on our period is one of the most grueling things we experience as women. We feel all sorts of pain such as menstrual cramps or pain on our breasts. There is also the worry of having leaks while doing strenuous activities, which is why we tend to avoid physical activities such as exercising or swimming. Oh, and of course! The struggle to find the perfect napkin for our menstrual flow. Using tampons isn’t really a widely known concept in the Philippines and napkins are still the go-to aid for menstruation. There are only very few women who would grab a box of tampons when shopping. And I must admit that I am not a regular tampon user as well. But there is nothing that I love more than swimming and I won’t let my period stop me. Haha! So whenever these times intersect - time of the month, and the time to swim, it's also time to use tampons. I'm glad that there's a new brand in the local market, because I always have trouble looking for tampons when I need them in the supermarket. The brand's called Ladouce, and it has three variants - mini for really light flow, normal for regular flow, and super for heavy flow. That's quite amazing! And the price point is reasonable. It retails at Php 199 per box and is available online at Lazada, Shopee and BeautyMNL. One advice from me about wearing tampons is that you need to relax! It does look quite daunting and you will wonder how it is used, but the instructions are very clear in the box, and you would have to be patient on your first try. But on your second, third, and next tries, it would feel natural and it won't feel awkward anymore. It definitely feels clean whenever you wear a tampon, and there is no chance for leakage - yes, zero. So I was able to swim to my heart's content this summer because of Ladouce! My overall experience of wearing Ladouce tampons was very comfortable, efficient and clean. You just need to make sure that you change tampons every 3-5 hours. The benefits outweigh the fear of the unknown, so I say, give it a chance and you never know. You just might be the next gal to try wearing tampons! Grab a FREE sample here!


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