The Newest Papaya Soap for Every Filipina

Filipino women, in today’s generation, are now into a hustle-and-bustle kind of lifestyle where they deal with a variety of trends and high expectations like how they should present themselves to other people. And one evident scenario of this is having a daily skincare regimen to achieve a naturally brighter, smoother, and clearer skin. Since most of us dream of getting that fresh beautiful skin, we resort to the most affordable and most commonly used natural solution that suits the Filipina skin – papaya soaps. Yes, we all have that prior knowledge of what Papaya does to our skin. But haven’t you heard that a papaya-formulated soap can also actually perform a lot of skin miracles aside from brightening your skin? Well, thanks to the new Belo Papaya Soap from Belo Essentials!     Harnessed from the power of nature, the all-new Belo Essentials Papaya Soap introduces us to a whole new level of taking care of our skin as it combines the natural formulas of papaya extract (to inhibit formulation of melanin to prevent skin darkening), purified bee venom (to reduce growth and inflammation of pimples), and jojoba beads (to naturally slough off dead skin cells)! Delighted by its natural ingredients, I immediately tried this new skin gem as I've never seen a papaya soap that not only brightens but exfoliates and cleanses the skin as well!  

(Jojoba beads as seen on the surface of the soap after it has been washed)

  And much to my surprise, unlike other papaya soaps, this Belo Papaya definitely did excite my senses and took me to paradise with its unique, fresh, sweet citrusy scent that I can’t resist but to sniff – definitely giving me that fair and square "lakas makaganda" effect because of its sweet air-freshener-like fragrance! Oh, did I also mention that this soap can also be used for other things aside for the skin? A friendly tip: use it as your improvised air freshener! I really fell in love with its scent that it made me want to smell it all over my room, cabinet, and even inside my bags! Since I already have a stash of it, I placed one on my working table, one inside my cabinet, and one inside my bag when I'm not using it. True it is, the amazing scent of Belo Papaya Soap diffused and it really lasted long! With regards to its performance, I liked how it lathers easily on the skin and how it gave me the assurance that it will really cleanse my skin from the inside. Seeing the jojoba beads on the surface of the soap after using it made me think that it can act as a mild scrub as well.     After a week's usage, I noticed that my skin brightened and lesser dark spots caused by acne were seen on my face. And guess what? A good validation of these results is that I started to receive feedback from my friends that I looked more glowing than before, and that they also asked me for the soap that I used to achieve this. Well, Belo Papaya Soap did that! ;) Don't worry, this new herbal soap is expertly formulated and dermatologist-tested and can be used both for the face and body. Just don’t forget to use it every day for better results! Sometimes, it only takes to be natural in order to feel confident and beautiful. And gladly, the new Belo Papaya soap lets us experience those while meeting the Filipinas’ skin needs -- from its irresistible scent to its herbal ingredients to its multiple skin wonders.  Truly a perfect package for a fresh and beautiful you! So, try it now here for FREE and finally score that brighter, smoother, and clearer skin you’ve been waiting to have!


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