Say goodbye to salon-treated hair, and hello to #UltimatelyBeautifulHair with Cream Silk

It is no secret that we women take pride of our crowning glory – our hair. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money just to get that perfect look we have in our minds and sometimes, the hairdresser just couldn’t get it right leaving our hair dry, rough, and damaged. In turn, they would offer keratin treatment “solutions” that would cost us more than our pocket’s worth but would fall flat on their promise to deliver great results. Fortunately, there is now an ultimate solution for every modern Filipina to get that #UltimatelyBeautifulHair without the hassle of going to the salon!     All thanks to the NEW Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultra-Conditioner, with the combined benefits of 3 Keratin products – it is Cream Silk’s most advanced 3-in-1 conditioning system yet! Embedded with Keratin relaxers which helps tame rebellious frizz and promotes straightening of the hair; Keratin serum to revive intensely damaged hair and to encourage smoothness; and Keratin essence which restores extremely dull hair and gives it the shine it needs. Captivated by its one of a kind formula, I immediately tried this new innovative conditioner from Cream Silk!     Unlike other hair conditioners that are heavy and sticky, Triple Keratin Ultra-Conditioner is very lightweight to the hair and has a scent that could last the entire day! It instantly relaxes my hair and relieves it from frizz, tangles, and dullness leaving me with finger-combed hair! What more is that I don’t have to beat the traffic just so I could get to my salon appointment in time. I can enjoy a nice warm bath in the comfort of my home and get results that are better and healthier for my hair. A definite goodbye to chemically infused salon treatments!     And after using it alternately for a week, I noticed that my hair was given life making it stronger, softer, smoother, and shinier. It was exactly the results I was hoping to see! Even my family and friends wondered if I recently went to the salon – well, it’s all thanks to Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue! What more can I ask for in a conditioner? So what are you waiting for roomies? Skip the traffic, skip the expensive salon treatments, and welcome a whole new hair for you! Try this Ultimate Repair & Shine and Ultimate Straight Conditioner for FREE and score that ultimate hair goal you’ve been dreaming of!

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