Don’t settle for your usual whitening, #BeChoosyUseGlutaC!

Change is the most inevitable thing that we cannot avoid in life. We experience change almost every day -- whether be it in our environment, the people around us, or our selves. With the Philippines' hot and humid weather condition and everyday pollution, caring for our skin has become a challenge. Partnered with stress, heat, and dirt -- our skin becomes darker and duller.
And with a wide array of products that are catered to skincare, we are left questioning as to what will suit our skin type and skin needs leading us to default to our usual brands. I for one, tend to reach for the product or brand that I know works for me in some aspects but does not cater to everything that my skin needs. But thanks to Gluta-C's new and improved formulation, I was hooked and decided to take a leap of faith and grabbed myself a product I would never have imagined to change my skincare game.
Gluta-C Face and Body Soap with Dual Antioxidant Defense is heaven sent! Popularly known as a whitening brand, they changed the tide by improving their formula so that they can cater to different skin needs for different skin types. Made with a combination of masteroxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C, its Dual Antioxidant Defense protects the skin from harsh pollutants, as well as combat signs of skin aging.
And for a maximum boost on the effects on the skin, it is best paired with Gluta-C Body Lotion with SPF25 and Dual Antioxidant Defense. This body lotion is packed with shea butter and natural oils that provide moisturization and hydration on the skin, so skin stays soft and supple. Not to mention that it has SPF25 that gives us the much-needed protection from any UV-induced damages.
Now with its new formulation, Gluta-C does not only work as a whitening product but it dives into the different angles of skin needs that other products could not deliver. Aside from Intense Whitening, it has Dual Antioxidant Defense and Anti-Aging Treatments that reduces fine lines and wrinkles which allows us to enjoy a healthy and younger-looking glow for longer, an Advanced Skin Nourishment system that provides additional moisturization and deeper hydration on the skin, and its Anti-Bacterial properties keep skin protected from germs and impurities.
After a week's usage of this soap and lotion duo, I can really see the difference it made on my skin. I fell in love with how it gradually lightened my skin while reducing the fine lines on my face. After bathing with Gluta-C Face and Body Soap with Dual Antioxidant Defense, I apply a good amount of Gluta-C Body Lotion with SPF25 and Dual Antioxidant Defense and I can feel how soft and smooth my skin is every time! Thus, making it true to its claim of not just safely and effectively whitens the skin but also smoothens, nourishes and protects it. I finally found the perfect product for my skin! ❤️
We don't even need to break the bank because the soap comes at an affordable price of Php 49.75 (55g) and Php 79.75 (120g), and the lotion is at Php 184.75 (150ml) and Php 329.75 (300ml).
Truly, when you embrace the change around you, surprising and beautiful things might just happen to you. So what are you waiting for roomies? #BeChoosyUseGlutaC and try it now here for FREE! It might just surprise you. ;)


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