Roommate of the Month for July 2018

They say, experience is the best teacher. Nothing beats a heartfelt and sincere advice from a friend, a family or even a complete stranger that is based on their experience and own learnings. Although not always good, it is through these experiences that lead us to open new doors of opportunities and life discoveries. With a fair share of experiences from different beauty and skincare products, as well as her knowledge of entrepreneurship and tech, Sweet Ronhielyn Bayungan a.k.a. Chelsea Sayo, our July #RoommateOfTheMonth started her blog just last year as a way to educate, share, and inspire her readers and followers. Coupled with her passion and dedication to write real and honest reviews, she sees blogging as a way to give value and to help others in making smart decisions.     Let’s get to know more about her blogging and Sample Room journey as she answers a few questions from us!   ABOUT CHELSEA’S BLOG 1. Tell us about your blog “Chelsea Sayo - Beauty and Lifestyle (a review site) aims to provide real, honest and helpful reviews about beauty products and stay on the lookout for the latest buzz on the Metro. I'm your typical introvert, working full time as a programmer and during my free time, I write for my blog, resell stuff, and play with my pug. Looking for the right skincare for my age with a sensitive and combination type of skin led me to write beauty and skincare product reviews. I also write about food, events, technology, and entrepreneurship.”   2. When did you start your blog and what inspired you to create one? “I started my blog in September last year. What inspired me to write real, honest reviews is more than passion; it is to provide a way to give value and to help others. I believe that there is more beyond product labels and product commercials. That is – experience. We learn from experience and from there I started to find my purpose and mission: to educate, to share, and to inspire.”   3. Who are the bloggers that you look up to? “So far, I met a lot of bloggers and most of them are really nice and inspiring. The Macho Mom, Kaycee Enerva, is the very first blogger who influenced me to try beauty products and write reviews myself. Rika Bajacan (myrikaness) and Veronica Ng (beautybyyvee) are really good at their craft and inspired me to start my Makeup Noob Series. I love the way they express themselves and how they interact with other bloggers, like me, in sharing their thoughts and experiences.”   4. Top 3 pieces of advice you can give to our roommates who are interested to start up a blog. “Blogging is not just about getting freebies and the answer to your work-from-home dream job. It has to be filled with passion, perseverance, and continuous learning. Passion and expertise in your chosen niche will fuel you to come up with the most exciting topics and provide value to your readers. Along with this, perseverance and engagement are one of the keys to succeeding in your blogging journey. Learn as you continue to make your blog posts relevant, SEO friendly and stay updated with the latest algorithm and metrics (ok, start your research!).”     ON HER BEAUTY ROUTINE 1. Share with us your skincare routine! “I'm using different products for my morning and night routine but I usually follow these steps: wash your face, use a toner, apply serum/ampoules, moisturize and apply sunscreen. It is important to double cleanse to remove oil-based makeup or sunscreen and non-oil-based dirt and pollution. Using a toner afterward will bring back the moisture and prepare your skin for the next steps. Applying serums or ampoules depends on what your skin needs and what you want to achieve. We use a moisturizer (with sunscreen) not just to keep the skin moisturized but also to seal in the all the products you applied earlier.”   2. How about your makeup routine? “I don't wear makeup on a daily basis and I consider myself a “Makeup Noob”. I prefer using tinted sunscreens and BB or CC creams because they're easier to apply. However, I wear makeup whenever I need to attend events and special occasions. At the very minimum, I'm using a foundation, concealer, highlight and contour, loose powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick and lip balm. If you're a “Makeup Noob” like me, follow my blog where I feature my blogger friends teaching me how to do makeup + tips and tricks.”   3. What are the top 5 beauty products (skincare and makeup) that you can't live without? “1. Lip Balm - I'm using a lip balm ever since because I really have dry and chapped lips. Now, I'm fond of Tinted Lip Balms. Right now, I'm using Snoe Beauty Beso Balm. 2. Toner - Applying moisturizer without toner just feels so weird. 3. Moisturizer – It is the first skincare product introduced to my dry and flaky skin. 4. Powder – This is a beauty product staple. 5. Lotion - To moisturize the body.”     ABOUT HER SAMPLE ROOM JOURNEY 1. When did you first find out about Sample Room? “I think I learned about Sample Room on Facebook or through online search. I’m a member since 2015. Back then, I was not really active because it's really hard to earn points until I decided to become a Sample Room VIP member. I started to enjoy getting samples and writing reviews. I remember the times that I'm waiting for Sample Room to restock. I keep on checking their site every day!”   2. How did Sample Room help you in your journey into the world of skincare and makeup? “Sample Room always introduces new products for sampling. This made me more excited to try the products and write a review about it. With Sample Room, I get new products using points that costs less than buying the product at SRP.”   3. What were your best finds that you discovered through our site? “I have five best finds from Sample Room: Browhaus Brow Construction, Air Optix Colors Contact Lenses, Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++, Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste, and Uniqlo Relax Wireless Bra. I wouldn't have tried eyebrow threading and wearing contact lenses without getting these samples. My mom and I wouldn't find our favorite Tinted Sunscreen without discovering this from Sample Room. I wouldn't find my now staple brands without experiencing how great they are. All thanks to Sample Room for letting us Try Before We Buy!”  

(Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen SPF50 and PA++++ - one of her most favorite sample she got from Sample Room)

  4. Do you see yourself still sampling in Sample Room in 3-5 years? “Yes, and why not? I'm happy that I became part of the Sample Room community and I really hope that they will continue to improve the website and have more promos and features in the future. More power!”   5. Any advice for your fellow roommates for their sampling journey? “I recommend Sample Room as one of the best places to start your sampling journey. The trick is to become a Sample Room VIP Member for 2-3 times then after, you wouldn't struggle from earning points! Use the products for at least 5 days or more for you to provide a more accurate and reliable review. Get the most out of your points; get the best three products that you like and check the points used. Every time I check out, I compare the points used versus shipping fee. This gives me a feeling of spending less. Overall, always write real, honest reviews.”     Are you also passionate about sharing your experiences just like Chelsea? Then you too can start your own blog! It is not always about writing the most perfect blog post or taking a flawless photo, sometimes it just takes for you to speak from the heart and in full honesty in order to captivate your audience’s attention. Know more about Chelsea’s latest posts, activities and product hauls at You can also follow her at @sayochelsea on Instagram, @chelseasayo on Twitter, and Chelsea Sayo – Beauty and Lifestyle on Facebook. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel to see more of her beauty hauls and tutorials.   -- Looking to be the next Roommate of the Month? Share with us your favorite Sample Room finds on your social media accounts using the hashtags #RoommateOfTheMonth, #SampleRoomSpotlight, and #SampleRoomPH. Who knows, you might just be featured next!


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