Bad Lab: Perfect Shower Must-Haves for the Unconventional Man

  Women usually take up the most number of shelves in beauty and drug stores as most of the products are made available just for them, especially when it comes to skin and bathroom essentials. Given this situation, men’s personal care needs are somehow being set aside, compromised, or even taken for granted. Much like ladies, gentlemen also must have something valuable with them to help them boost their confidence level and show off their unique, best, and most handsome selves. Thanks to Bad Lab’s wide range of healthy and refreshing shower staples, our beaus and important men in our lives can now boldly face and seize the day full of confidence and freshness with some killer swag!    

Man-gineered for the man who’s all walk and little talk, Bad Lab offers these head-to-toe bathroom goodies to bring out men’s extraordinary potential not only to level up and reclaim their shower game, but also to arm them with all-day protection against dirt, dust, sweat, odor, and skin impurities. And what’s surprising is that their products are well-formulated with these ancient energizing, revitalizing, and healing ingredients that work together to make them young-looking, healthy, clean, fresh, and sexy inside-out!


Take note: Their masculine scents are a plus too, that they can effectively mimic as a men’s perfume!


  Since this is for men, I excitedly gave one variant to my dad for him to try which is the Lean Mean Machine Body Sculpting Shower Gel.    
After a week’s usage, he told me that he’s even more motivated and confident to move because his ‘new bathroom buddy’ really made him feel fresh, younger, and energized. It’s as if he came out from a massage as he really felt relaxed upon using the shower gel. He also couldn’t express how thankful he is for trying the product and said that he felt he aged backward because of its cool and fresh ‘binata’ scent! And since it has a long-lasting scent, he doesn't see the need to put on much perfume onto his body and clothes.
  From my father’s experience, I can determine that Bad Lab really aims to be uniquely unconventional in a way that they’re creating new means for men not only to enjoy their shower time but also to prepare them to enter the jungle without compromising substance and style.   Get to try these Bad Lab shower must-haves too for your man, and let them shock, surprise, and awe everyone, including yourself at every opportunity! ;)

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