Experience Movement, Beauty, and Nature in One with Rexona Natural Whitening!

  When there is movement, there is action. And when there’s action, we’re able to do the things that we want and achieve our biggest goals in life. But in order for us to fulfill these dreams, we need a secret weapon that’ll help us get through anything and that is confidence. Confidence comes when we feel strong, motivated, and beautiful. It's true that each one of us is beautiful and unique in our own special way. However, with the drastic change in our lifestyle and in our environment, beauty and comfort are compromised – having second thoughts about the clothes that we will wear and being dependent on harsh chemically-produced products that, mostly, result to drying and darkening of the skin. Lo and behold, we can now feel a different level of beauty, freshness, and just be naturally confident in showing the world what we can do! All thanks to the all-new Rexona Natural Whitening!  

  Infused with gentle and natural whitening ingredients of Vitamin E and Licorice extract, it’s clinically proven to whiten our underarms naturally and give us 48-hour protection that we need against body odor and sweat! It’s also quite good to think that with all those underarm remedies, Rexona stood and came up with a body essential for us ladies that’s #PoweredByNature to help bring out our naturally beautiful underarms as well as our confident selves! And in case you’re wondering what could be the scent of this new body and beauty must-have, well, the fragrances also bring you closer to nature! It’s available in two different fresh whiffs – Fresh Rose and Fresh Sakura – that’ll surely won’t let us down in making us feel more beautiful, carefree, and fresh all day long!  



  Before trying out this new deodorant, I took down memory lane and reminisce some of my underarm experiences. Just to share a few, I’m using a different antiperspirant before and it did well on my skin as it helped me get that fair and brighter underarms. But, what drives me nuts from using it is that my underarms tend to sweat more than usual and it creates a “kulob” smell after getting some time under the sun. So having found this new product from Rexona sets the deal: Getting that white underarms are not enough when you’re also scared to move because of sweat and body odor. That’s why last weekend, I decided to use and swipe it on my pits before going to a fun run to see if it will protect my UAs from sweat and body odor while doing outdoor activities. (For this one, I didn’t focus more on its brightening effect as I believe that I’ll have to use it regularly for best natural results. Waiting is the key! :)) The verdict: it didn’t fail me! After strolling under the sun for hours until coming home at night to waking up the next morning, I still smell and feel fresh – good news, no more “amoy kulob” diaries! And take note, I felt even lighter and more confident to move without thinking about excessive sweating underneath. Definitely, this Rexona Natural Whitening combined the power of movement, beauty, and nature in one! <3   By the way, my favorite is the Fresh Sakura as it has this mild flowery vanilla scent that cools down my senses and I love it!  

  What are you waiting for, roomies? Be #PoweredByNature, take risks, and naturally move with beauty and confidence using the new Rexona Natural Whitening! Try it for FREE here, and I assure you, it won’t let you down! ;)

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