Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion

Ideal for gently washing the body and scalp of infants.
  • Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion brings you all the pleasure of cleansing with water without its drying effects.
  • It cleanses and purifies baby’s skin while limiting the drying effects of hard water and maintains the skin’s natural balance.
  • It pearlescent texture does not run, only slightly lathers and does not sting the eyes.
  • Its formula with hydra-bléine® limits water loss (dehydration) and oil-enriches the epidermis: nourished and protected, baby’s skin maintains its hydro-lipidic balance.
  • Used daily, it leaves your baby’s skin clean, soft and subtly scented.
  • Formulated with Sunflower oil and Coconut oil – positive antibacterial, moisturizing, and regenerative properties; studies have shown that application of sunflower oil provides protection against nosocomial infection in preterm babies
- Tested under dermatological control - Formulated at Physiological pH - Phenoxyethanol-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and soap-free DIRECTIONS: – Use for baby’s daily bath and for every diaper-change. – Apply to wet skin, lather and rinse thoroughly then gently pat dry going into every skin fold.   FULL SIZE: 200ml/ 750ml PRICE: Php 480 / Php 1130   AVAILABLE AT: Megamall 2nd floor of the Mega Fashion Hall, Baby Company, Rustans, Shopee, Lazada, Milk & Honey, The Nest APH   SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram:   Get it here for FREE!


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